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DarkZero Esports have announced a new VALORANT roster to represent their organization, having acquired the recently successful Kooky Koalas.

DarkZero Esports have made a name for themselves in the Rainbow Six scene, and they are now looking to get into VALORANT. The team they acquired, Kooky Koalas, notably played in the VCT NA Challengers 3 in March of 2021. The team is still looking to break out into the top league, and now they have a bigger organization supporting them.

DarkZero’s past

This new roster includes Adam “Ange” Milian, Andy “Andersin” Collins, Kyle “ScrewFace” Jensen, Nick “Harmon” Harmon, Yannick “KOLER” Blanchette and coach Zack “huuaw” Solomon. The team has had their struggles getting to the top tier of VALORANT, however, they are close. KOLER, in particular, was on Immortals’ roster in 2020. He helped them reach two third-place finishes in popular tournaments. But, it’s fair to say that DarkZero Esports picked up this roster due to their recent form.

At the June version of the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet, the Kooky Koalas finished at the top. DarkZero’s goal is to keep the momentum from that win and make their way to the VCT. Since they’re primarily known for their Rainbow Six team, the standards to win are there.

DarkZero’s future

With this new roster, DarkZero will compete in Challengers again and try to make it to the VCT. The only struggle is that they’re putting entire faith into this former Kooky Koalas roster. They’re not signing any new staff or players alongside them. This could work well, keeping the synergy together as they improve. But, this could also lead to the same issues the roster had before they were linked with the DarkZero Esports organization.

DarkZero Esports has to follow the momentum that this roster has. Whether that momentum slows or builds, the team now has a bigger shot to compete against the best.