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After the Rainbow Six Seige’s Mexico Major venue suffered an unspecified ‘structural failure,’ the final match between DarkZero Esports and DWG KIA was rescheduled and played off-stream, with the latter in defeat 7-2. Now, despite DWG KIA’s successful run through the major, DarkZero comes out on top for Group C.

The re-do leads to an off-stream game

While rare, issues can arise at live events such as these that lead to postponements. For example, in May of this year, the Paris invitational faced a power issue that delayed play for a day. The issues were fixed quickly, however, and the game was replayed. At that time, DarkZero Esports were getting eliminated from the event.

The circumstances were different this time, with DarkZero Esports fighting against DWG KIA for the top spot in Group C. DarkZero made a name for themselves in this major, but at the same time, the recent performance of DWG KIA came as a surprise to many. In a group with Ninjas in Pyjamas, DWG KIA managed to upset them to fight for the top seed. All that mattered after that for DWG KIA was their game against DarkZero, but they couldn’t maintain their momentum across the extended day of competition.

DarkZero also walked an interesting road to reah this match, facing off against hyped teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas. Their only two losses were to the Brazilian squad, which made it all the more interesting when they were topped by DWG KIA. NiP ended up losing both games against bottom seed G2 Esports, which knocked them out of contention. This left the final match between DarkZero and DWG KIA as a potential semi-final matchup. Alas, that was when the delay happened. Either way, DarkZero Esports defeat DWG KIA for the second time.

With this delayed game over, Group C is locked in. Both DarkZero Esports and DWG KIA are poised for a potential rematch in the Rainbow Six Mexico Major’s quarterfinals, with DarkZero as the first seed.

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