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Celebrate D.Va’s win with plenty of loot

Overwatch is giving D.Va her own special event. It’s the D.Va Nano Cola Challenge. In the latest animated short, Shooting Star, we saw D.Va’s favorite beverage — Nano Cola. Now you can earn some D.Va-themed cola skins, sprays, and play icons for winning games and tuning into official streams.

Like D.Va’s hard-fought victory, players will need to win games to unlock her new nano skin. By playing in any mode, gamers can unlock her special items. Three wins will earn you two Nano Cola-themed sprays. Winning six games will give you an exclusive player icon, whilst winning nine games will unlock her skin. These rewards are additional bonuses on top of any normal winnings.

If winning isn’t your style, then you can always tune into some streams for cool Nano sprays. Blizzard has partnered with 16 streamers to bring us some exclusive D.Va sprays. You can obtain the sprays by watching accumulative hours from any of the official streamers. Just make sure you link your Battle.net ID to your Twitch account. Head over to the Overwatch page to see all the streamers and their times. The event has already started and runs for the next two weeks. If you’re a D.Va main, then these rewards are a must-have in your collection.