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Despite a few upsets on the Street Fighter V stage at the Cyber Gamer tournament over the weekend, it was no surprise that Masterminds’ RoF took the championship title. Fresh off the back of his Gfinity team win last month, the big FGC personality showed up with confidence and smashed the competition in quick fashion.

RoF lost to arch nemesis Darksided Somniac in the last Cyber Gamer tournament but didn’t go up against him at all this time around. Here’s how the Top 8’s games unfolded.

Game 1

Dooky T (Akuma) vs. Rumours of Ghosts (Birdie)

Results: 3-0

In the first game of the winners bracket, the Akuma-Birdie matchup was close round for round. Akuma was a surprise choice for DookyT, who only started playing the character a few weeks prior. The surprise continued when he sent Rumours of Ghosts to the losers bracket.

Game 2

RoF (Birdie) vs. Travis Styles (Balrog)

Results 3-1

Travis was the favourite going into the match against Masterminds teammate RoF. Travis’s defensive “chip away” style of play was on show, but RoF’s bursty combos won him the match-up.

Game 3

CubT (Laura) vs. Rupps (Abigail)

Results: 3-1

The first game in the loser’s bracket between CubT and Rupps saw Rupps knocked out of the tournament. Abigail was an odd choice for Rupps, who is usually seen playing Mika. CubT came back in the second round of the second game, pinning Abigail against the wall, and going on to win the set. CubT also had a perfect run in the third game, winning the match against one of the best Mika players in Australia.

Game 4

Somniac (M. Bison) vs. Zed (Necalli)

Results: 3-1

Zed’s anticipation of Somniac’s combination of strikes was impressive. However, Somniac’s methodical adaptation in the second round won him the first set. In the end, Somniac’s experience and patience won him the match 3-1 and included a perfect run in the deciding round.

Game 5

Rumours of Ghosts (Birdie) vs. Somniac (M. Bison)

Results 3-1

Some close matches between Rumours and Somniac here with Rumours bringing his A-game and preventing Somniac from continuing on.

Game 6

Travis Styles (Balrog) vs. CubT (Laura)

Results: 3-0

Travis scores a perfect round in the second game against CubT, dominating every round against the Laura player. The games were short and sweet as Travis made quick work of his opponent.

Game 7

RoF (Birdie) vs DookyT (Akuma)

Results: 3-1

After a dominant first game win from DookyT, RoF came back with a vengeance to take the next three wins.

Game 8

Rumours of Ghosts (Birdie) vs. Travis Styles (Balrog)

Results: 3:2

In the losers bracket semi-final, it was a very close set with Travis going toe to toe with Rumours of Ghosts. It came down to the last round being the decider, but tournament favourite, Travis, showing signs of fatigue, couldn’t quite pull off a win.

Game 9

Rumours of Ghosts (Birdie) vs. DookyT (Akuma)

Results: 3-1

The losers bracket final between DookyT and Rumours of Ghosts started off as a stomp, with Dooky swapping characters for the last game. The desperate attempt to claw his way back from the 2-0 situation looked promising as DookyT took the third game with Guile. He had a perfect run in the fourth game, but Rumours of Ghosts pulled out a great Super in the last round to advance himself into the final.

Game 10

RoF (Birdie) vs. Rumours of Ghosts (Birdie)

Results: 3-0


RoF starts the first game with a perfect run in the second round. From there the mirror match is quickly over as RoF wins the Cyber Gamer Street Fighter V Grand Final 3-0.

Boasting beforehand that he is the best Birdie player in Australia, it seems unlikely anyone will prove RoF wrong in the near future. It will be interesting to see what he can pull out at the Melbourne Esports Open in September.