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The third week and the first split for Division B of the CWL Pro League have begun. This division is stacked with top-tier teams, underdog squads, and Pro League rookie players.

Day 1: Monday, Feb 18

eUnited vs. Team Heretics

Series scoreline: 3 – 2 Team Heretics

The Spanish came out with a strong showing against the CWL Vegas finalists. Heretics started off Division B with an explosive game one Hardpoint Gridlock, finishing with a scoreline of 250 – 1. The second map, Search and Destroy Frequency, was up in the air until eUnited took a couple good rounds for the lead. The map finished 6 – 4 in eUnited’s favor. However, a back-and-forth Control Gridlock saw Heretics winning 3 – 2. The Hardpoint Arsenal saw a woken-up eUnited, taking an easy 250 – 149 game. Fortunately for Heretics, they took the Search and Destroy Hacienda 6 – 4 to close out the series.

Team Heretics had a great showing for the first match of the division. Despite implying a lack of quality practice back in Europe, the Spanish don’t seem to have slowed down from the PLQ. Throughout the series, the team set the pace of the matches. For the most part, their raw talent was able to carry Team Heretics through the series. EUnited, on the other hand, displayed the disciplined coordination they were known for. They simply had a slow start this series and showed signs of waking up through multiple games.

MVP of the series: Juan “JurNii” Antonio González

Denial Esports vs. Enigma6

Series scoreline: 3 – 1 Enigma6

The last match of the day ended with the French’s debut in the CWL Pro League. Unfortunately for them, they ran into a hot Enigma6 squad. The Hardpoint Frequency was a quick game, ending 250 – 113. The Search and Destroy Frequency was much closer, with E6 taking it 6 – 4. The Control played on Frequency again, with E6 taking an early lead. However, Denial was able to make a comeback, winning the map 3 – 2. Any hopes for the series continuing were dashed by E6. While the French boys took the early lead, E6 closed out the Hardpoint Seaside 250 – 236.

E6’s gameplay has a loose and dynamic style to it, quite reminiscent of classic Call of Duty teams. The team largely relies on two star players, Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom and Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley. These players are capable of dropping monstrous numbers and KiSMET specifically plays at a pace faster than the rest of his team. Denial suffers the same problem as Heretics, however, their gunskill isn’t good enough to carry them through matches. Just as well, questionable specialist choices showed a lack of composure. Denial needs to take the opportunity to improve with the quality of practice they have available now.

MVP of the series: Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley

Day 2: Tuesday, Feb 19

Denial Esports vs. Team Heretics

Series scoreline: 3 – 1 Team Heretics

The first match of the day started off with a European matchup between the Spanish and the French. Denial took advantage of a slow start of the series for Heretics. They won a decisive Hardpoint Frequency, 250 – 115. But Heretics came back swinging in the Search and Destroy Frequency. A slow-paced, sniper-centric game eventually led to Heretics winning, 6 – 3. A back-and-forth Control Gridlock had Heretics taking the win, 3 – 2. Finally, a warmed-up Heretics closed out the series on Hardpoint Hacienda, 250 – 181.

Denial were able to capitalize on a slow start on the side of Heretics. The French boys utilized their streaks to snowball the match effectively. However, Heretics showcased how deep their team is through the next three matches. The Search and Destroy especially displayed sniping duels, slowed tempo, and middle-map aggression. Team Heretics really look like a top contender team with how many pieces can be utilized on the roster.

MVP of the series: Juan “JurNii” Antonio González

Team Envy vs. Excelerate Gaming

Series scoreline: 3 – 2 Excelerate Gaming

Team Envy had a wakeup call in their first match of the Pro League. The first map in the series, Hardpoint Seaside, went to Excelerate, 250 – 118. Despite the thrashing, Envy brought it back in the Search and Destroy Hacienda, 6 – 3. While Excelerate took the lead in the Control Seaside, they almost choked to Envy. Fortunately for them, they won the map 3 – 2. The Hardpoint Arsenal was 250 – 94 domination by Envy to tie up the series. Unfortunately for the boys in blue, Excelerate took the Search and Destroy Gridlock in their hands, winning 6 – 4.

Arguably the underdogs in the matchup, Excelerate’s performance was a combination of strong plays out of Mike “MRuiz” Ruiz and strong lane control. The squad has a rabbity playstyle reminiscent of Splyce’s SMG players. However, the series victory was also due to a cold showing from Team Envy. Eyes are on star player Cuyler “Huke” Garland and a slow start – an inconsistency that is becoming a trend. Just as well, the SMG frontline of Team Envy needs to show their potential like they did in the PLQ. Captain Patrick “ACHES” Price should probably rethink his sniping strategy as his lane control had little game impact.

MVP of the series: Mike “MRuiz” Ruiz

eUnited vs. Enigma6

Series scoreline: 3 – 0 eUnited

EUnited bounced back after an upsetting loss yesterday. An explosive game from eUnited won them the Hardpoint Arsenal, 250 – 163. The Search and Destroy Payload was a blowout as well, with eUnited taking an easy 6 – 1 win. Clayster and the boys continued to outclass E6, easily taking the Control Seaside, 3 – 1.

An easy win and a stellar performance from eUnited, Enigma6 were simply outclassed. As captain James “Clayster” Eubanks inferred in the post-match interview, it was more a mental game between the teams. Fiery plays from Clayster as well as Main AR Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson having an MVP-level series gave eUnited a comfortable win. It is hard not to stress how impactful Arcitys’ AR performance is, as it frees up his SMG frontline to perform their job easily.

MVP of the series: Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson

100 Thieves vs. Splyce

Series scoreline: 3 – 0 Splyce

In another highly anticipated match, 100T faced off against Splyce. Splyce started on fire, taking an early lead on the Hardpoint Frequency. While 100T were able to bring it back a little, Splyce won the map, 250 – 208. Splyce continued their aggressive and coordinated performance, winning the Search and Destroy Arsenal, 6 – 4. The final map, Control Gridlock, went much faster. Splyce masterfully controlled the map to win the match 3 – 1.

Splyce looked impressive and appear to be the only team that can be considered top-tier tournament favorites. The confidence showed in their gameplay and their mentality. As star player Donovan “Temp” Laroda stated in the pre-match interview, “Free dubs, free cash, those guys are trash.” The communication, as well as their ability to play slippery, is a key component to this team’s success. Everyone performs their role exceptionally well, and even when certain players have an off-series, their impact is heard in the comms. 100T definitely look stronger than their last roster, but it is simply hard to dictate off of a match against a T3 CWL Vegas team. The pieces are present, but crafting a structured team still proves to be an issue.

MVP of the series: Donovan “Temp” Laroda