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It’s the last few matches of week two of Division A in the CWL Pro League and teams are starting to settle into the motions.

For the first half of the week, check out the previous article.

Day 3: Wednesday, Feb 13

Team Reciprocity vs. UYU

Series scoreline: 3 – 2 UYU

Team Reciprocity continue to show inconsistency while UYU improved on their gameplay. The first Hardpoint Seaside was a close 250 – 216 game going to UYU. The map was decided by Reciprocity making a mistake on their final rotation, giving UYU hill control. The second map, Search and Destroy Gridlock, was a close 6 – 5 to Reciprocity. UYU came back in map three, Control Seaside, blowing Reciprocity out 3 – 0. Reciprocity managed to bring it back on Hardpoint, Arsenal with a scoreline of 250 – 198. Unfortunately, the final map, Search and Destroy Hacienda, was another blowout with a scoreline of 6 – 2 to UYU.

Throughout the match, Main AR Sean “Seany” O’Connor stepped up to have a strong game but there is still pressure on Reciprocity’s SMGs not performing. As well, the small mistakes that they make are what ultimately costs them close games. UYU on the other hand have shown the opposite. While star player Anthony “Methodz” Zinni had an off-series, SMG Nicholas “Proto” Maldonado stepped up. He made massive heads up plays to help win maps. UYU are starting to look better, but still have to put in more work.

MVP of the series: Nicholas “Proto” Maldonado

Red Reserve vs. Evil Geniuses

Series scoreline: 3 – 0  Red Reserve

Evil Geniuses at this point, look like a lost cause. The first map, Hardpoint Gridlock, started out strong. Red Reserve got into their tempo to take the map 250 – 185. The Search and Destroy Hacienda showed no change in Evil Geniuses. Small individual gunfights cost Evil Geniuses the map, with Red Reserve capitalizing and winning 6 – 2. The final map, Control Gridlock was a lot closer, with Evil Geniuses taking the lead. Unfortunately, massive plays from Trei “Zer0” Morris and Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall won Red Reserve the map, 3 – 2.

An unsung hero, Red Reserve’s Joe “Joee” Pinnington, continues a strong performance. Whenever Joee performs above his expectations, it frees the rest of the team to fire on all cylinders. Red Reserve looks super strong coming into the last few days of week two. Evil Geniuses have fallen apart at this point. With players solo challenging and struggling, this map loss may lead the team to think about roster changes.

MVP of the series: Joe “Joee” Pinnington


Luminosity Gaming vs. Midnight Esports

Series scoreline: 3 – 0 Luminosity Gaming

This series was a decisive game but not in the way most expected. The first map, Hardpoint Frequency, was a dominant performance from LG, ending in 250 – 116. Just as well, the Search and Destroy Hacienda was a clinical showing, with a score of 6 – 2. Finally, LG closed out the series fast with a 3 – 0 on Control Frequency.

Luminosity Gaming displayed a beautiful series, with the team looking amazing. Stars Peirce “Gunless” Hillman and Matthew “FormaL” Piper were great as always. The difference here was coordinated team play and SMG Johnathon “John” Perez playing better. Simply great plays from the team all around. However, the deciding factor for this win was a massive improvement from SMG support, Josiah “Slacked” Berry. While Midnight Esports should not be worried, it seems that LG’s gameplay matches up well against their loose style.

MVP of the series: Josiah “Slacked” Berry

OpTic Gaming vs. Gen.G

Series scoreline: 3 – 2 Gen.G

The final series of the day saw Gen.G continue their win streak. Gen.G surprisingly took the first Hardpoint Gridlock in a close fashion, 250 – 232. They continued their dominant Search and Destroy play on Payload, going 6 – 4. OpTic Gaming, still fighting, took a strong Control Gridlock 3 – 1. They continued this momentum to comfortably win the Hardpoint Hacienda, 250 – 139. Unfortunately, Gen.G’s prowess in Search continued, winning the final map Frequency, 6 – 2.

While both teams played great the entire series, the defining factor was the Search and Destroy. If OpTic would have won the first Hardpoint, it is safe to say that they win the whole series. It came down to the last hill rotation where Gen.G got the impact kills. Gen.G, on the other hand, looked super well coordinated in Search. For any team to shut them down, getting first blood on SMG Colt “Havok” McLendon is essential.

MVP of the series: Colt “Havok” McLendon

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