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Day two of CWL Fort Worth is over, and some high-profile teams have been eliminated. The likes of OpTic Gaming, eUnited, and Gen.G were knocked out of the tournament and sent home early. This enabled some surprise squads to advance further and prove themselves to the Call of Duty world.

The new meta of Black Ops 4 was on full display today, as new strategies were utilized throughout the day. While older mechanics are still the norm, it’s refreshing to see different guns and utility. Thermal-scoped snipers, new guns like the ABR-223, and varied specialists were all on display today. With this new meta in place, some teams, like Team Reciprocity, have adapted well and are flourishing. Others have not adapted as quickly.

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OpTic Gaming, eUnited eliminated

While it was always possible both of these squads could have completed the losers bracket run, it was never likely. Starting out in the losers bracket is a disastrous way to begin, and both OpTic and eUnited fell victim to it.

The two top teams heading into the event, OpTic and eUnited looked out of sync the entire weekend. With a dysfunctional roster change period, it seemed inevitable that eUnited would suffer to some degree. However, winning only one series and four maps the entire event is more than just dysfunction.

On the other side of the coin, OpTic Gaming looked out of sync as well but for different reasons. It’s well documented that their star slayer, Brandon “Dashy” Otell, couldn’t make it to the Pro League for visa reasons. While his absence may not seem like a big deal, OpTic Gaming’s chemistry dwindled dramatically because of this. The lack of synergy between the squad was evident at Fort Worth, as each team member had rare off maps and lackluster performances.

With more practice time and stress-free environments, both OpTic and eUnited should return to their Las Vegas form. They will need to adapt to the new meta in order to be successful though.

CWL Fort Worth Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 OpTic Gaming

Team Reciprocity, Luminosity continue to roll

The underdog of the tournament, Team Reciprocity impressed even more so on Saturday, advancing to losers bracket round four. Luminosity did beat them in the first match of the day, but their losers bracket run is impressive. New addition Dylan “Dylan” Henderson is proving to be one of the best pickups in the CWL. His skills were especially on display during the game 5 Search and Destroy against Gen.G. He clutched up multiple times to send Gen.G packing and advance Reciprocity further. Team Reciprocity will continue their run tomorrow against Red Reserve. Yes, twin brothers Wuskin and Skrapz are going at it, and it will be quite the spectacle.

The team that dropped Reciprocity to the losers bracket, Luminosity, is showing everyone why they didn’t make a roster change. Defeating both Reciprocity and Enigma 6, LG is showcasing the talent on its roster extremely well. Matthew “FormaL” Piper looks to be returning to his former self and that’s a dangerous thing for the rest of the CWL. All of the pieces are starting to fall in place for the Canadian organization, and they hope to end Sunday with another championship. Unfortunately, they will be going head to head with the hottest team in Black Ops 4.

CWL Fort Worth Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Splyce is still the favorite

Without question the overall favorite heading into Saturday was Splyce. They are the most well-rounded roster in Black Ops 4 right now and are certainly showing it. After a nail-biting 3-2 win against Denial Esports in their first match, they handily defeated Red Reserve. Every player on the roster is playing lights-out Call of Duty, but they will have a true test on Sunday playing against Luminosity. The winner will advance to the Grand Finals. The loser will drop to the losers bracket finals.

Sunday should be as action-filled as ever, with the top teams battling it out for the championship. Can Splyce succeed as the favorites? Or will Luminosity and the rest of the underdogs cause a massive upset?

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