G2 make a hilarious blunder at the Major

Pressing "E" proved challenging

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 29 Aug 2019


Screenshot via StarLadder Berlin Major

In perhaps one of the most embarrassing ways to lose a round loss in major history, G2 gave up a won round against Astralis who, worse yet, were on match point.

What happened?

The teams had split rounds on Astralis’ CT side on Nuke, coming out of the first half at a score of 8-7 for the Danes. On Astralis’ terrorist round, the former best team in the world started to crush G2 with 7 straight rounds to bring it to match point. With their backs against the wall, G2 had to win the next round.

Astralis set up for a quick 2-man B push through the vents and got a quick bomb plant. Shox challenged Xyp9x from ramp and took him out quickly with his AWP. Closing one door off with a Molotov, gla1ve tried to challenge shox through the flames but got taken out by the Frenchman too. Bombsite B was now cleared as all the other Astralis members are scattered around the map.

Dupreeh died on A and perhaps sold the assumption that the plant went down on the upper bomb site. Shox didn't go for the defuse but instead waited for device who tried to sneak into B. While Shox quickly disposed of the Danish star player, he did not turn around immediately to defuse. With four man alive and all of Astralis cleared out, the only thing standing in the way of G2’s round victory is a defuse of the bomb.

The members of G2 now running towards the edges of the map, did not delegate any of their four remaining players to defuse, perhaps thinking that the bomb had been planted on A or simply because of a miscommunication as to who would go for the defuse. While shoutcasting duo Anders and Moses couldn't believe what they were seeing, the bomb exploded and secured the map victory for Astralis.

The reaction

Immediately the clip was shared all over social media feeds. Reddit user u/Lucky-NiP put together a compilation of shoutcasters from all kinds of different language communities losing their collective minds over the huge blunder.

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G2's CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez took it with humour and addressed the mistake with his own version of compLexity owner Jason Lake's tweet.

With this, G2 are sitting at new legends stage score of 1-1 and will have to face off against MIBR tomorrow to keep their major hopes alive.

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