Grayhound to remove erkaSt after StarLadder Major

Due to Visa issues, he cannot live in Australia permanently.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 16 Aug 2019


Photo via ESL

The Australian team Grayhound will be removing Erdenetsogt "erkaSt" Gantulga from the roster after the StarLadder Berlin Major due to the organization being unsuccessful in acquiring a visa for the Mongolian player. 

As he cannot legally reside in Australia with the rest of the team, he will be removed. He was living in Australia temporarily on a student visa. The team will be participating in the StarLadder Berlin Major Main qualifier next week from August 23-26. If the team manages to secure one of the eight slots for the New Legends stage, they will continue to play from August 28-September 8. 

“We have been unsuccessful in obtaining a Visa for him to live, permanently or temporarily, in Australia. Up until now he has been living in Australia on a Student Visa where he has simultaneously been living the life of a student and professional CSGO player. It's not over yet as we have one last mission; the Major,” the organization said in a statement about the move. 

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Grayhound have had an incredible run leading up the the StarLadder Berlin Major. The team cruised past TYLOO, MVP PK, AVANT, and Energy to win the Asia Minor. During the run at IEM Sydney, Grayhound beat FaZe and Heroic in two best-of-three series. Grayhound is widely considered to be the second best team in Australia, falling behind Renegades. As Renegades secured Legend status at IEM Katowice 2019, they are in the New Legends stage. 

According to Newmeta Esports, erkaSt could be forming an all-Mongolian team for the future. This is rumored to feature Batbayar “kabal” Bat-Enkh, Enkhtaivan “machinegun” Lkhagva, Temuulen “Zilk” Battulga, and Gan-Erdene “dobu” Batbold. 

Therefore, Grayhound will be the following after the StarLadder Berlin Major: 

  • Christopher "dexter" Nong
  • Simon "Sico" Williams
  • Liam "malta" Schembri
  • Ollie "DickStacy" Tierney

  • Neil "NeiL_M" Murphy (coach)

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