Two new overpowered Overpass boosts have been found

Overpass' legacy of boost positions continues.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 16 Aug 2019


Screenshot via ElisaViihdeSport

Almost a month after another Overpass boost was found during the Asia Minor, another two overpowered boosts have been found. 

One has been found in the connector position, similar to the previous boost found. The other has been found outside of the Monster position near the Terrorist spawn. Both utilize multiple players. 

The Monster-Terrorist spawn boost was found in a match between HAVU and KOVA. During which, HAVU boosted three players toward a corner. Then, another player was boosted on the bench and run-boosted on top of the third players head. This would allow Lasse “ZOREE” Uronen to peek toward the Counter-Terrorist entrance into the A-site and the Heaven position. 

However, the Overpass train was blocking the view of the Terrorist. KOVA won the match 16-8. 

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The second boost was found in a similar position of the connector boost used in the StarLadder Asia Minor. This was patched soon after. During another Asian derby between ViCi Gaming and TYLOO, Andrew “Kaze” Khong strafe jumped onto the ledge. Then, Kaze was boosted onto a higher ledge that was directly adjacent to the previous boost in connector. This would allow the player full view of the connector position when Terrorists were walking up. However, one issue of this boost is that Kaze could be seen from the Party position. 

This boost would not be used to great effect as Kaze would immediately be shut down by WingHei “Freeman” Cheung. TYLOO would eventually win the map 16-6. 

Overpass has been infamous for boosts in the past. The ‘Olofboost’ was used in the professional Counter-Strike match between fnatic and LDLC at DreamHack Winter 2014. This overpowered boost was used to view the entire map from the Counter-Terrorist spawn. 

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