Stuchiu Major Power Ranks: Top 5 Train teams

Stuchiu runs down the five best Train teams at the Major

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Stephen Chiu · 8 Aug 2019


Photo via Damian Gatkiewicz for ESL

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We are in the calm before the storm. The CS:GO player break has started, but once it’s over the Berlin Major begins. I’ve done some prep work for the Major and have decided to release it in the form of power rankings. In this first set of blogs, I'll be power ranking teams by map. In terms of criteria, I looked at overall results, with an emphasis on more recent results* and wins against top rated teams. I’ve also taken into account the overall strengths and weaknesses of each team relative to the field. I’ve ignored teams that aren’t at the Major (like Fnatic and Heroic) and teams that aren’t playing with a set 5 man roster (like MIBR and NiP).

*Map scores were counted using HLTV. The filters were by team, on LAN, in the last three months of play and were filtered on July 30th.

5 - Mouz

Train was a hard map to rank as there aren’t that many great Train teams in the pool right now. Also, it was played less compared to the more popular maps so there was a smaller sample size to work off of. As that’s the case, this particular ranking will lean more heavily on the eye test and recent results compared to some of the others I’ve written up thus far.

Coming in fifth place is Mouz. They are 5-3 on the map with wins over FaZe, Valiance, and AVANGAR, Renegades, and BOOT-d[s]. They have two losses to Na`Vi at ESL Cologne and one loss to Sprout at the EU Minor. 

The overall body of work is decent, barring the loss to Sprout. The other team I considered was FURIA, who are currently 6-2 on the map, but FURIA’s only impressive win came against ENCE at DreamHack Dallas, so I gave the nod to Mouz. On top of that, I think Mouz are a more consistent team on both sides of the map due to FURIA’s inherently volatile style.

4 - G2

G2 come in fourth place with a 7-4 record. Their record was slightly better than Mouz’s as they have notable wins against FaZe, NRG, and Renegades. 

What tipped the scale for me was the consistent firepower. Kenny “kennyS” Schrub and Audric “JaCkz” Jug consistently show up on this map for G2, especially on the CT-sides. Though if I was ranking only the T-sides, I’d favor Mouz. While G2 are good on this map, it largely comes from their CT-side. 

3 - Astralis

Astralis are currently 1-2 on Train in the last three months. So why do I have them ranked above teams like G2, Mouz, and FURIA who are all positive on the map? Partly it’s due to who they faced. Astralis beat Fnatic 16-1 at Cologne. They lost to NRG at EPL 9 Finals and ENCE at BLAST Madrid. Both of the losses were close games at 13-16.

The primary reason I have Astralis ranked above G2 though is because of the strength of the T-side. G2 must have a fantastic CT-side (somewhere in the range of 10-12 rounds) if they want to win. In comparison, Astralis can win on either side of the map, so their consistency should be better. 

2 - Na`Vi 

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Coming in second is Na`Vi. They are currently 2-0 on the map as they’ve only played ESL One Cologne where they beat Mouz twice. That is very little data so it was the other factors that gave Na`Vi the edge over Astralis. 

The two keys for me are Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko. S1mple is still the best player in the world, while Zeus has consistently made his lineups strong on Train. The addition of Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov hasn’t fundamentally changed the roles or style of the team.

When you put all of that together, I think this gives them an equal chance against Astralis and lesser teams, but also a better upset potential against the number one team. 

1 - ENCE

ENCE are still the dominant force on this map with a 7-2 record. They have notable wins over Renegades, FaZe, G2, NRG, and Astralis in the last three months. There are only two problems with ranking first. The first is that they haven’t collected any big names in their recent tournaments. The second is that that a majority of their wins were before the AUG nerf, so their CT-side will be worse than it was before.

Even so, I think their overall teamplay and tactics makes them the best team on this map. Aleksi “allu” Jalli can consistently avoid AWP v AWP duels against better AWPers. Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen is the best tactical leader in the world and shines on Train. While the AUG could hurt their A-site hold, their utility usage and setups should still give them enough of an edge that it shouldn’t hurt them too badly. Finally, Jere “sergej” Salo is one of the best small site holders on Train. 

All factors point to ENCE being the best Train team in the world.

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