FBI alerted as CS:GO player says he "might shoot up" Fragadelphia

The venue will be on high security.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 7 Aug 2019


Photo via Fragadelphia

On August 6, Damian “droid” Boulware posted a screenshot of a string of text from a Counter-Strike match. During a game, a player threatened to potentially shoot-up Fragadelphia. As a response, Fragadelphia is in the process of contacting the FBI and FACEIT as well as the local Police Department to ensure the safety of the LAN. 

Droid has posted a pastebin which shows the full conversation between the players. The argument between the players suddenly gets past the normal trash-talk once ‘ohcgnor’ says he “might shoot up frag.” A full link to the pastebin is here

Threats such as these have to be taken seriously. It has been almost a year since the travesty at the Jacksonville Landing indoor marketplace, where a player shot and killed two people and injured another 10 before committing suicide at a gaming event, which was hosting a Madden NFL 19 tournament. 

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Recently, there were two more shootings in the United States. Firstly, a gunman opened fire into a crowded Walmart in El Paso, leaving 22 dead and 24 injured. Hours later, a gunman opened fire at the entrance of Ned Peppers Bar in the Oregon Historic District in Dayton, killing nine. Considering these two instances, security needs to be taken extremely seriously to ensure the maximum safety of those in attendance. 

Fragadelphia 13 is a small LAN usually based in Philadelphia. However, this year's event will take place at Localhost Huntington Beach, California. This years Fragadelphia is taking place from September 13-15.

Fragadelphia 12 was won by Swole Patrol which beat ‘ownage’ in the final 3-0, taking home a grand prize of $18,250. 

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