Astralis sold by RFRSH

The deal is reportedly set to cost $11-16 million

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 31 Jul 2019


Photo via BLAST Pro Series

The Danish company RFRSH has sold it’s Counter-Strike team Astralis. Moreover, RFRSH’s League of Legends team has moved to new-company Astralis Group ApS. 

The CEO of RFRSH Nikolaj Nyholm has left his position at the company to become director of the aforementioned Astralis Group ApS. Moreover, he is now in ownership of Astralis. Steen Laursen, Kasper Hvidt, and RFRSH co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen will be joining him after they quit RFRSH. 

According to TV 2 Sport, the deal is set to cost $11-16 million (75-112 million DKK). The report also claims that this valuation will depend on the ownership. The transaction is set to be completed next week.

The move comes after a report from claimed that Astralis will be splitting from RFRSH in the near-future and that Astralis will be independent. The report claimed that the teams will be fully separated from the organization by the StarLadder Major, which begins on August 28 2019. 

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A report from Richard Lewis claimed that RFRSH’s relationship with Astralis was put at risk due to public criticism regarding RFRSH’s insistence that Astralis attend their BLAST Pro Series events, which are known to have poor formats. Some have even claimed a conflict of interest between the two. 

The events themselves have received wide criticism. For example, the most recent BLAST Pro Series event held in Los Angeles had to change its venue near the date of the event. 

Previously, Astralis has won three BLAST Pro Series events; Lisbon 2018, Istanbul 2018, and São Paulo 2019. Since the FACEIT Major 2018, Astralis has attended six BLAST Pro Series events. 

The deal is set to be done in time for the StarLadder Major 2019. Astralis will be looking to knock Team Liquid of it’s podium after the North American team has pushed Astralis out of the top spot.

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