faveN: “Seeing that we could... have won against mousesports, is a nice feeling"

He mentioned that are no roster moves that he is aware of.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 1 Aug 2019


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After an unfortunate loss at the European Minor, we spoke with Sprout player and young talent Josef “faveN” Baumann regarding the team's recent performance and what he expects going forward. The German team has looked impressive. Arguably, Sprout is considered the best team in Germany. Unfortunately, the team will not be participating in the upcoming StarLadder Major due to losses against mousesports and CR4ZY in the European Minor. 

In the Minor, you lost to the two teams that would finish first and second in two extremely close games. Do you look back on any plays in particular that may have contributed to these losses?

Well, besides the fact that the minor was by far my worst event, I can‘t really tell any play that lost us the matches. We all made many mistakes and it is a team game. You win as a team and you lose as a team. There is never only 1 guy who loses you the match. The most important thing is that we keep fighting even when we are down like 0-9.

You mentioned that it was your worst event. Some would say you and Sprout has been performing well all things considered, what do you think was the reason for your Minor performance?

To be honest, I really don't know why. Probably it was just a bad phase, but I will work harder than before and I am feeling really good again. I played a lot of deathmatch and analyzed my mistakes from the minor.

Although falling short in the Minor, what is your team prioritising going forward?

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We are focusing on keep fixing our mistake[s]. We did too many at the minor, especially on the Dust2 CT-Side against mousesports. We knew what we needed to do against their playstyle but we completely failed. We need to review these matches, write down our mistakes, and talk about it. The priority is the CT-Side, especially our communication as CT. If we fix these mistakes, we can be a much better team.

So you mentioned your playstyle, have you and your team made any stylistic changes in game; a new play-style or a new direction you want the team to go in?

Our playstyle didn‘t change that much when Denis left and I think it won‘t change heavily. We like to play a kind of explode style, but we also play a more structured game. So I think our playstyle is good and we shouldn‘t change much. It‘s not that easy for the opponent to read our game with this kind of playstyle, so we are happy with it.

Coming out of the Minor, what would you say is the biggest positive about your team going forward?

I think the biggest positive thing is that we know that we can beat anyone if we just keep practicing. We practice against many other top teams and had some good results, but yeah, its practice. Seeing that we could, or even should have won against mousesports, is a nice feeling and I think if we put even more time in our game, we can reach our goals.

As you know, you have incredible talent on your roster, which will catch the attention of any team. Has there been any inquiries regarding the availability of players/coach on your team?

No, not that I know. Also, I think that everyone from us is believing in the team and wants to keep playing like that. If some other team wants a player from us, the player would tell it to the others immediately probably.

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