StarLadder change crucial rule ahead of Berlin Major

Coaches will be able to play in the Major.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 18 Jul 2019


Image via StarLadder

According to, the Kiev-based company sent out an email on Wednesday containing the new rule and the reasons as to why the emergency transfer rule was overridden. This new rule allows teams to play with registered coaches as a substitute for a player that could not attend the event. 

The original emergency transfer rule was “Unnecessary and unhealthy,” the company claimed. 

Immediately, this rule favors the Brazilian team Made in Brazil (MIBR) as the team recently benched star-rifler Marcelo “coldzera” David due to his desire to seek a new challenge. MIBR will play with coach Wilton “zews” Prado instead.

MIBR would have been playing with coach zews for two events prior to the StarLadder Major as the team played at the recent BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles and will play in the upcoming IEM Chicago, beginning today, July 18. 

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This rule also ensures that players who may have left the team, cannot come back into the team due to roster lock rules. For example, coldzera is unable to play for MIBR as he was benched and the coach has taken his place. The move is permanent. 

According to the report, North-American side Lazarus was given the option to play with coach Danny "fRoD" Montaner for the Americas Minor. However, the team would not have been able to play due to a second player required to fill the roster. 

Due to roster lock rules, Lazarus was unable to fill its roster in time. Therefore, Luminosity took Lazarus’ spot in the Americas Minor. The Brazillian team finished third in Group B and was therefore eliminated from the Minor. 

This rule has been implemented before the beginning of the Minors on July 17. Therefore, this rule comes just weeks for the beginning of the StarLadder Major from August 28-September 8. 

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