Brehze on the Krieg: "[It's] just too overpowered not to use"

Plus more on their ESL One Cologne run and the toll traveling takes.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Phoebe Dua · 13 Jul 2019


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While NRG Esports fell to Team Vitality in the quarterfinals at ESL One Cologne 2019, their new lineup still achieved an impressive finish. Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte, from NRG, sat down with Upcomer to talk about the team, weapon changes, and future events.

NRG have fallen to Vitality for the second time in less than a month. What do you think it is about themZywOo popping off, their team playthat you seem to struggle to counter?

I guess their play style is something that gives us a hard time. They have a very explosive style, especially with ZywOo, as he can get away with almost anything with his skill. It’s kinda hard to play against. That and the fact we are still a very new team. Our preparation may not have been the best. I think it was still a good first showing with this lineup and I’m excited for the upcoming events. 

Stanislaw is your new in game leader, but as a team previously, you’ve had the playoff curse hit you multiple times. Do you guys have a psychologist or support network beyond the IGL and your coach ImAPet to try overcome the possible mental block?

We’ve dabbled in it. We used to have a psychologist but we didn’t really utilize him as much as we should have probably, and we don’t work with him anymore. Maybe it is something we should get back on. As you said, we’ve had the playoff curse. We’re so close, but can’t reach those finals. I think with just a little bit more work, we’ll get there.

You have made plenty of semifinals and had a successful year overall, but this has come at a cost in terms of travelling to and from so many places around the world. Is the travelling one of the harder things players can struggle with?

Yeah definitely. I think there was a statistic somewhere that the team that was travelling most was NRG. We’re going to every single event, and you do get a little burned out when you keep flying, keep travelling. I do think it plays a factor, and I think we’re definitely going to have to take a look at which events we attend in the future to really pick and choose what events we go to instead of going to every single event. 

Now that you have established yourselves as one of the top tier teams, you have earned the luxury to pick your events compared to rising teams who feel the need to attend every LAN to just earn points in rankings. What do you think of that distinction?

For teams that are very new and are trying to grow, I think it is good to attend as many events as you can to get those reps in. I feel like we’re more of an established team, so we don’t need to go to as many events as these other teams, and we can prepare more for just one event and go as far as we can. 

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Speaking of statistics, there was a stat put out saying NRG have the highest percentage of Krieg purchases in AK/Krieg rounds here in Cologne.

Oh really? I didn’t know that.

Yeah, something like 65% of AK/Krieg purchases were Kriegs for NRG.

You really are leading the way for the weapon. Do you think more teams will start to pick it after now the AUG has been nerfed and is the Krieg as overpowered as its CT counterpart was?

I think that now the AUG is not in play as it used to be, the Krieg is just too overpowered not to use. Everyone on our team is practicing with it and made the switch already, so I think teams probably after this event are gonna start practicing and using the Krieg more. It definitely is overpowered and probably needs to get patched through. 

Do you think the AUG coming into play, Krieg coming into play, encourages all guns to be viable, or at least open minds to the possibility of it? Is it better to keep the established AK-M4-AWP standard we have seen for years?

I think Valve just really wants all the guns to be used and I don’t mind it, but I think there should just be little adjustments here and there. Like what they did to the AUG, I don’t really think the AUG was that bad, just needed to raise the price so you take more of a hit instead of just having $3300, getting one flash and you’re good. They should just approach it differently instead of just nerfing the guns. 

You have the Americas Minor coming up and you’ll be back in Germany later this month. Obviously FURIA have been on everyone’s radar, but are there any other teams there you think people should be looking out for? 

I’d say maybe eUnited? They’re a very skilled team with a lot of skilled players and we don’t get to practice a lot against them that much, but I feel like they can surprise a lot of teams at the Minor.

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