Gambit's main lineup may be returning soon

It's been six months since the team played a match.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 11 Jul 2019


Image via Jennika Ojala, DreamHack

There may be good news for Gambit fans, as it seems as though the Russian organization may be moving forward with its main Counter-strike roster later this year. “We plan to get back to this project later this year.” The organization said in response to a fan asking about the main roster. 

Gambit has not played a professional match since February 2019, when the team lost against Epsilon in the ECS Season 7 Europe Challenger Cup Open Qualifier. A few months later on May 21, Gambit announced that the main roster will be put on hold, with the remaining players transfer listed. These include Mihail “Dosia” Stolyarov, Rustem “mou” Telepov, and Nikolay “mir” Bityukov. 

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The main roster has a long history in Counter-Strike. In 2016, the Russian organization signed a former Hellraisers lineup. However, the team did not see huge professional success until ESL One Cologne where the team placed top eight. Moving forward, Gambit won the DreamHack ZOWIE Open Winter 2016. Then, the team started to make its way into the elite level, winning the DreamHack Open Austin 2017 and its success culminating with the PGL Major Krakow 2017 victory. 

The team would continue to win tournaments, but the real drop off came in 2019. The team finished top fourteen at the StarSeries i-League Season 6 and failed to qualify for the Starladder Major 2019. 

However, the organization has not stayed out of the esport entirely. The team signed the Gambit Youngsters (formerly Gambit Academy) officially in 2017. However, the current core roster of Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov, Anton "supra" Tšernobai, Dmitriy "sh1ro" Sokolov, Timofey "interz" Yakushin, and Daniil “Porya” Poryadinwas was signed on April 5 2019. To begin, the team played relatively poorly, finishing last at the Copenhagen Games 2019. Due to this on June 6 2019, Porya was replaced by Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov. The team recently finished top eight in the ESEA Advanced Season 31. 

The return is set to come in the Fall 2019.


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