EU Minor brackets revealed

The groups for the EU minor are in, who gets out?

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Stephen Chiu · 10 Jul 2019


Photo: By Adela Sznajer for DreamHack

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StarLadder has revealed the group stage and schedule for the Berlin EU Minors. Like last time, the top two finishers will qualify for the Berlin Major, while the third will go to a last chance qualifier. The format has stayed the same as well. It is a GSL group stage with a bo1 opening match and bo3s for all remaining matchups.

Group A:





Group B:





Here is a comprehensive schedule of the bracket:

Group Stage, GSL

July 17

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  • Group A
  • 16:00 Mousesports vs NoChance, Bo1
  • 17:15 CR4ZY vs Sprout, Bo1
  • 18:30 winners, Bo3
  • Group B
  • 16:00 North vs BIG, Bo1
  • 17:15 Fnatic vs Ancient, Bo1
  • 18:30 winners, Bo3

July 18

  • 16:00 Elimination Match, Group A, Bo3
  • 16:00 Elimination Match, Group B, Bo3
  • 19:00 Decider Match, Group A, Bo3
  • 19:00 Decider Match, Group B, Bo3

Play-off, Double-Elimination

July 19

  • 16:00 Group A #1 vs Group B #2, Bo3
  • 19:00 Group B #1 vs Group A #2, Bo3

July 20

  • 16:00 Elimination Match, Bo3
  • 19:00 Winner Bracket Final, Bo3 (winner placed #1)

July 21

  • 18:00 Lower bracket Final, Bo3 (winner placed #1, loser proceed to Minor Play-in as #3)

Predictions and thoughts

The first thing that jumps to my mind is that there are three teams that stand above the rest: Mouz, Fnatic, and North. Mouz are the best team in this qualifier and should be one of the top two finishers. 

After Mouz, the second best team in this group should be North. They’ve become better since Valdemar “valde” Bjorn became the in-game leader and Jakob “JUGi” Hansen became the AWPer. They’ve had consistent performances in their last few events. I haven’t watched them enough to know what their approach is, but I’d say they are more decisive and JUGi is looking the best he has in years.

While I have North as the second best team, Fnatic have a chance to upset them. Fnatic have a great highs and terrible lows. For me, they are the definition of a coin-flip team as they rely on their skill to win games. The problem with Fnatic is we haven’t seen any of their highs in the last two events. So while I give them a chance to get second, it’s unlikely. Even third could be out of their reach as some of the teams here have upset potential.

The last team I want to cover is CR4ZY, formerly the artists known as Valiance. They have a lot of raw skill on the team which gives them a chance to upset either North or Fnatic. At the Katowice EU Minors, they took Vitality to the brink in a close bo3 elimination. If North have an off-day or if Fnatic don’t show up, I could see CR4ZY taking third here.

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