The MIBR-Luminosity loan helps both teams

The loan helps MIBR now, but won't help them get back to the top

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Stephen Chiu · 26 Jun 2019


By: Bart Oerbekke for ESL

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The final roster shuffles have wrapped up before the Major lock. One of the last notables moves to happen was a loan deal between MIBR and Luminosity. MIBR will loan Luminosity felps while Luminosity will loan MIBR LUCAS1.

The move is good for both teams. The problem with the felps MIBR lineup is that they weren’t able to get the entire team on the same page. The players didn’t adhere to the same philosophy of Counter-Strike. Coldzera gave some insight in a HLTV interview,

“The problem inside the team is not about strategy, or about aim, the problem is that when we come to play, and we'll do some aggressive setup, the players on the other side of the map don't understand that they need to play safe, they'll try to fight more and when they die we start to create a lot of gaps in the map”

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This was the exact same problem that the Brazilians had back when they played with felps in 2017. While it seems obvious now that the same problems would eventually crop up, the move still made sense at the time for MIBR. At the time they weren’t able to get their top two choices: kscerato or kNg. Felps is a good third choice and there were two potential catalysts that could have changed the outcome this time around. The first was felps being the in-game leader of his team which could have matured him as a player. The second was bringing zews back in as a coach to help fit felps back into the lineup. 

MIBR have had months and couldn’t fix the problems. The best choice would be either yuuri or kscerato from FURIA. However all the FURIA players have signed a five year deal with the org. With that option no longer available, the team targeted LUCAS1. LUCAS1 is someone that FalleN has played with in the past and someone that should fit the team identity better. It’s even possible that his fragging will be better than felps as felps could not reach the levels we’ve seen him play at before.

On the Luminosity side of things, they needed felps. They didn’t have any player on that roster that could play at a superstar level. Felps has that potential and outside of SK/MIBR, he’s largely lived up to that billing.

Overall the loan is good for both teams at least in the short term. In the long term, MIBR’s biggest problem is that their identity is stale and they don’t have either fer or FalleN playing at superstar levels. The lineup was at its best when one of them joined Coldzera as a secondary aggressive star to compliment his passive closer style of play. While LUCAS1 is a good move for now, it isn’t one that should fundamentally change the direction of the squad.


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