TSM’s two choices for a CS:GO team: Daps or Danish

If TSM want to get into CS:GO, now is the time

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Stephen Chiu · 24 Jun 2019


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Back in February, Dekay reported that TSM were exploring options in CS:GO. Back then, there weren’t many good choices as the upper echelon of CS:GO was stable. While there were some good names floating around (Karrigan, ChrisJ, and STYKO being the primary three), there wasn’t an obvious framework or foundation to build up on unless you were willing to pay the buyout for Karrigan.

Now things have changed and TSM have two good choices: Daps or the Danish OpTic lineup.

The Daps Choice

NRG have just removed daps from the lineup. Daps is either the best or second best in-game leader in NA CS:GO. While he is just one player, what makes him a great choice to pickup is his attributes as a leader. He is someone who has built the cores of three of NA’s better lineups: Liquid, OpTic, and NRG. He’s a versatile leader who can play the loose and structured styles of the game. The biggest draw for TSM though is that daps is one of the best scouts in CS:GO. He has consistently found and raised up talent in the NA scene. He has helped players like NAF, RUSH, EliGE, mixwell, Cerq, ethan, and Brehze. 

What makes the daps pickup even better is that there is a lot of potential talent floating around in the NA scene right now. Ghost have released their lineup so players like Neptune, Wardell, and koosta are all potential pickups. TenZ has been building a lot of hype around him with FNS tweeting:

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The Danish Choice

The other potential move is picking up the OpTic lineup wholesale. In a report earlier this month, Immortals bought out OpTic. As no team can own two lineups due to conflict of interest, Immortals have to sell either the Danish roster or MIBR. As MIBR is the more popular and well-known brand, they will likely sell the Danish roster. This is how things turned out as Casper tweeted today that the Danish roster was looking for a new home. 

The timing of the move is a bit ironic as OpTic have started to become a good team after recruiting MSL and niko. MSL has been the biggest catalyst for change as he has enforced his tactical style of play which in turn has resurrected k0nfig back to star form. The team has started to make waves in the tier 2 scene and just won DreamHack Summer which secures them an invite to DreamHack Masters Malmo. 

The deciding factor

While either choice can work the deciding factor will be what TSM want as an org. Both choices offer a solid foundation in two of the strongest CS:GO regions. The daps choice will make them a NA team with potential to bring in international stars while the OpTic choice will likely limit the squad to an all Danish roster. Another thing to consider is that the daps pickup is a developing move that likely won’t pay off for six to twelve months as it takes time to find the right starting five, especially in a market as competitive as CS. The Danish roster on the other hand is nearly there and is either one or two pieces away from being a solid top 10 team. 

If TSM is still interested in picking up a CS:GO lineup, now is the time to do it. The time to strike is now. It’s very unlikely that TSM will get better options than these and even these lineups have time limits as RUSHB reported that Cloud9 is considering a daps change after failing in the online qualifier for the Minor.

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