take down GamerLegion in 60 round brawl

Going the distance and then some.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 11 Jun 2019


Photo via ESL managed to defeat GamerLegion in one of the longest maps ever in professional Counter-Strike, a 60 round slugfest on Train that lasted a little over two hours.

The teams faced off in the losers’ bracket of the European Minor Closed Qualifier, the loser would lose their chance at qualifying for the Major, and very clearly, both teams gave it their all.

The match opened up slightly favoring as the Polish team took a 9:6 lead going into half time. GamerLegion were fighting for their tournament lives, however, and refused to give up, tying up the game in the second half to take it to overtime.

From there the epic brawl began. Both teams fought tooth and nail, never backing down from a fight and constantly managing to survive. By round 40, players started getting tired and making mistakes. Hopeful pushes and knife kills started to come in; the teams were now playing extremely sloppy Counter-Strike but still trying their all to win.

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Things had gone on for so long that the teams were allowed a small mid-match toilet break in the 55th round, which even the caster took advantage of. This break seemed to revitalize, as the Poles managed to put an end to the incredibly long match shortly after, ending the match with a score of 31:29 in the fifth overtime.

Image via Valve Corporation
Image via Valve Corporation

The stats show just how intense this game was, with almost every player reaching around 40 kills. Meanwhile Hampus 'hampus' Poser and Michał 'MICHU' Müller managed to hit the 50 mark in just one map, something that’s unheard of in Counter-Strike. It is unlikely we will see another map go on this long for a very long time.


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