Vitality dominate Furia to win ECS Season 7 Finals

The favorites crush the underdogs in a 2-0 stomp.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 9 Jun 2019


Image via FACEIT

Despite FURIA eSports’ impressive underdog run, Team Vitality demolished them 2-0 to win the Esports Championship Series Season 7 Grand Finals.

The match was more one-sided than expected, with Vitality only losing 13 rounds. The French squad fired on all cylinders, as all their players consistently won fights and scored key clutches when needed.

Furia still put up somewhat of a fight on the first map, Inferno. They started off strong by winning the first three rounds, but Vitality hit back harder with seven round wins. The real turning point came in round seven, as Cédric “RpK” Guipouy put up an impressive defense by taking down four Furia members in a 2v4 situation. The outplay shook the Brazilian squad, which didn't recover for the rest of the map.

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After that, the match went from bad to worse for Furia. Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut made it his mission to dominate the map, and proved absolutely unstoppable in the first half. He controlled the game almost single handedly and shut down Furia wherever they chose to attack. By halftime, Vitality were up a lopsided 12-3.

From there Furia struggled even more as all of their players were crushed by Vitality’s momentum. The Brazilians won only one round in the second half before Vitality closed out the series with a 16-4 win.

While Furia’s loss doesn’t resolve questions about the potential for their long term success, Vitality have proven their status as one of the top Counter-Strike teams in the world. Their next major test will be defending that status at ESL One: Cologne 2019.


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