BLAST Pro Series Madrid viewer guide

Counter-Strike's top talents descend upon Madrid for the weekend.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 9 May 2019


Photo via BLAST

BLAST Pro Series Madrid is set to take place this weekend with six teams competing for a $250,000 prize pool.

This event is headlined by some of the absolute best Counter-Strike teams, including Astralis, ENCE, and Navi, and is expected to be a very exciting event full of high-octane matches, played by players at the very pinnacle of Counter-Strike. Definitely not one to miss!

Cloud9, Ninjas in Pyjamas and one Spanish team will also be in attendance. The Spanish side will be decided at the start of the tournament where Movistar Riders and Giants Gaming will play a Play-In match.

These teams will all play against one another in a round robin format, which each match being a best of one, meaning every team will get a chance against every other team, and with a very high potential for an upset. After all the teams have played against each other, the two with the most wins will play in a best of three final to decide the winner of the event.

The full BLAST Pro Series schedule can be found below: (all times UTC+1)

Friday, May 10

Play-In Match

15:15 - Movistar Riders vs. Giants | BO3

Round one

19:45 - Cloud9 vs. Movistar Riders or Giants | BO1

19:45 - ENCE eSports vs. Natus Vincere | BO1

19:45 - Astralis vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas | BO1

Round two

21:15 - NiP vs. Finland ENCE | BO1

21:15 - Cloud9 vs. Natus Vincere | BO1

21:15 - Astralis vs. Movistar Riders or Giants | BO1

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Saturday, May 11

Round three

14:00 - Astralis vs. Natus Vincere | BO1

14:00 - Cloud9 vs. ENCE | BO1

14:00 - NiP vs. Movistar Riders or Giants | BO1

Round four

15:20 - Astralis vs. ENCE | BO1

15:20 - Cloud9 vs. NiP| BO1

15:20 - Natus Vincere vs. Movistar Riders or Giants | BO1

Round five

16:40 - Astralis vs. Cloud9 | BO1

16:40 - NiP vs. Natus Vincere | BO1

16:40 - ENCE vs. Movistar Riders or Giants | BO1

18:00 - BLAST Pro Series Stand-off

19:00 - Grand Final | BO3


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