Detona score major upset and Infinity barely scrape by at ESL

Group D was way more exciting than we predicted.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 25 Apr 2019


Photo via Detona

Day two of the American ESL Pro League’s group D showed some unexpected results, with Detona taking down Isurus and Infinity barely scraping by Denial.

The most shocking result of the group so far came in the form of Detona defeating Isurus 2-1. Isurus were the group favorites by far, and after a very strong showing in their first match, they were even primed to advance to first place. Instead, Detona find themselves in their place after a strong showing, as they managed to win 16:14 on Mirage and 16:8 on Inferno, while only narrowly losing Dust2 16:12.

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The other match of the day was also quite surprising, as Denial were just inches away from taking a 2-0 win against Infinity. The first map was as close as they come, with both halves ending 9:6 to take the game into overtime. From there, Infinity barely managed to scrape a 19:17 victory. The second map went the way of Denial, and after a slow start, the South American team managed to take ten CT rounds on Inferno to win 16:14.

Map three saw Infinity finally get into gear. The Columbian squad showed an almost flawless CT side on Train, taking the first half of the map 12:3 and quickly closed out the map 16:4 to finish off what was a very close series up to that point.


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