Isurus and Detona start strong in ESL all-South American group D

Denial didn't stand a chance.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 24 Apr 2019


Photo via Isurus

Group D of the American ESL Pro League is a group of underdogs, featuring four teams from the South American region. This doesn’t make it any less exciting, however, and the group has already produced some exceptional games.

The opening match was played between the Argentine Isurus and the South American mixed roster on Denial. This could have easily gone either way, but Isurus showed some very impressive skill and team-work, taking a comfortable 2-0. Isurus never looked like they could lose this series and were able to start off strong on both maps, winning the first half 9:6 on Inferno and 13:2 on Overpass. From there, the Argentinians were able to quickly close out both maps, securing 16:8 and 16:2 victories.

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Match two saw Detona take on Infinity. Detona came into this match as heavy favorites, having more experience and firepower than the Columbian Infinity line-up. They were able to make great use of this experience on the first map, Nuke, securing a quick 16:6 victory after a 12:3 first half. Map two was a little closer, with Detona struggling to consistently break down Infinity’s CT defense on Inferno, ending the first half 8:7.

The second half was not a repeat of the first, however, with Detona putting up an (almost) unbreakable CT wall, losing only two rounds before taking the map 16:9 for a 2-0 win.

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