IEM Katowice Champions Stage preview: Renegades might be a top-four team, but that's about it

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 26 Feb 2019


The Legends Stage is over and eight teams are preparing to fight it out in the Champions Stage for a chance at the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Katowice Major title. Of these eight, one team wasn’t even expected to survive for this long. This team, Renegades, have seemingly come out of nowhere to take the Major by storm. They’ve certainly built up momentum, but predicting where they’ll finish at the end of the tournament is quite difficult.

On one hand, Renegades have shown outstanding form while beating ENCE eSports and Faze Clan, two other top-eight teams, and they only narrowly lost to Astralis. On the contrary, they were barely able to beat a struggling Team Vitality to advance to the top eight, showing that Renegades do, in fact, still have quite a few weaknesses. Those weaknesses will need to be ironed out before their first match against Made in Brazil on Friday.

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Additionally, MiBR have proven to be adaptable and pretty damn intimidating at their best. After losing their first match to Cloud9  16-3, MiBR seem to have solved all their problems, winning all three of their matches fairly easily. That doesn’t mean hope is lost for Renegades, however, especially if Justin “jks-” Savage and Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad continue to show great form.

The top four, however, is where the dream run of Renegades is very likely to be stopped. They will almost certainly face Major favourites Astralis here, and unfortunately for Renegades, Astralis seem far too strong to be toppled by anyone but Team Liquid at this Major.

How far do you think Renegades can make it?

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