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A YouTuber by the name of ChaBoyyHD (called ChaBoyy or Cha for short) has opened 500 of the newest CSGO Prisma cases in his most recent video. Known mostly for entertaining content on Silver ranks in CSGO and case openings, the video was a response to his previous video in which the YouTuber stated that he will open “a lot more cases than 100” if the video gets at least 50,000 likes. Having already opened 100 cases in that video, he kept his promise and released a follow-up clip featuring a whopping 500-case opening.

At the time of writing this article, one Prisma Case costs just under $2, making it $1,000 to buy the cases alone. To add to this, a Prisma Case Key costs around $2.50, adding another $1,250. That’s right, ChaBoy spent around $2,250 to make the video. He does, however, disclose that the popular skin gambling website CSGOempire endorsed the opening, meaning that they paid for at least a portion of the cases and keys necessary for the video to become a reality.

Below is the video where ChaBoyyHD opens 500 Prismas:

What did he end up getting?

Naturally, the highest reward one can hope for is a knife (except for some cases from which gloves can be obtained). At the beginning of the video, ChaBoyy’s friend, Azzy, says that Cha will get “at least four or five knives.” You’d sure hope to get that amount if you’re opening 500 cases. Unfortunately, Cha only unboxes three knives throughout, a very underwhelming result. Despite one of the knives being an ultra-rare StatTrak Navaja in Factory New wear, you’d expect much more than just three cases out of 500 dropping you a knife.

ChaBoyyHD is not stopping there, however. He promised to up the ante and unbox 1,000 cases in his next video if the previous one gets 100,000 likes. The video already hit 35,000 likes in around three hours after it had been published. People really like to see others unbox masses of virtual items.

The video shows that if you really want to bunny hop around with a nice virtual knife, you’re way better off buying it off the market. Buying cases endlessly will most likely make you go bankrupt. But hey, if you do unbox one, you can brag to all your friends about it, and in the end, that’s what matters, right?

What do you think about cosmetics in games such as CSGO? Do you buy cases and keys and hope for the best? Let us know down in the comments below and remember to follow us!

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