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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world champion Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg is calling upon gamers to apply for an all-senior esports team. The Golden Snipers, which is a part of Original Gamer Life, is led by the 78-year-old world champion.

The Golden Snipers

The Golden Snipers are accepting applications from individuals who are age 60 and above. They hope to create a team that’s made up of American military and law enforcement veterans.

According to DieHardBirdie and Original Gamer Life, the real-life experiences of these recruits play a significant role in securing in-game victories while inspiring change.

Golden Snipers logo
Golden Snipers logo. | Provided by the Golden Snipers and Original Gamer Life

“Age is just a number, and mine just happens to be golden,” DieHardBirdie said. “With Golden Snipers, my primary goal is to abolish stereotypes and help fellow gray gamers sharpen their skills and rise above the ageism that runs rampant in the industry.”

DieHardBirdie added that he hopes to see other senior teams rise to the challenge and face the Golden Snipers next year.

“We’ll soon be ready to take on some worthy opponents,” he said.

CSGO champion DieHardBirdie
CS:GO champion DieHardBirdie. | Provided by the Golden Snipers and Original Gamer Life

Senior esports and gaming

DieHardBirdie and Original Gamer Life share the same vision of uplifting and encouraging the emotional, physical and emotional well-being of gamers. The Original Gamer Life platform was built for military veterans, first responders and gamers from all walks of life in mind.

“OGLife will amplify socialization with older players and veterans who may be facing challenging life moments and changes that a community based on fun and rewards can help alleviate,” Original Gamer Life CEO Brandon Sivret said.

Sivret added that Original Gamer Life advocates for better total wellness for those who grew up playing games like Pong and Pac-Man.

“Times have changed, but the community and friendships have not, and it’s important to embrace that,” he said.

Those who are interested in joining the Golden Snipers can now apply via the Original Gamer Life website.