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On April 11, Valve released a massive update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). The update includes a plethora of different tweaks to the game. Most notable, however, are the changes introduced to the weapons, especially a nerf for the notorious SG 553. However, the timing of the update is interesting, as a lot of attention has been given to Riot Games’ newest shooter Valorant. (Also, a curious new word, “bingelibangable,” has emerged?)

Biggest changes to CSGO in a while

The update includes an array of different nerfs and buffs to certain weapons. Obviously, the SG 553 nerf has received the most attention. However, there are other changes that have taken the community by storm. The most startling change to CSGO, however, is the hand cannon, Desert Eagle. The pistol now has an insane accuracy while airborne, something that nobody expected. In fact, there are already multiple videos showing the pistol’s outrageous accuracy mid-air.

Another update that caught the community’s eye is the buff to the Tec-9. The dawn of “cyka blyat rush B” may be upon us once more. The update has “reduced firing inaccuracy” of the Tec-9. This means that perhaps the old strategy of kevlar/Tec-9 rush B is back on the table.

On a side note, the term “bingelibangable” has the CSGO community confused, with a lot of people searching for a definition of the word. Bingelibangable is either a typo made by the person writing the patch notes that wanted to write “wallbangable,” or it is an inside term/joke among Valve employees that has just surfaced.

Coincidence or not?

It is no secret that Riot Games’ Valorant has been the talk of the town in competitive shooters these past couple of days since the Closed Beta began. Having extremely similar mechanics to Counter-Strike, many CSGO players are giving Valorant a shot. The blend of characters with their abilities and the array of weapons and shooting mechanics from CSGO is definitely appealing to many players. Have the CSGO developers at Valve decided to implement drastic changes to shift the spotlight on themselves?

What do you think of the timing of this update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Follow Daily Esports for all your latest CSGO and Valorant news.

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