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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s (CSGO) latest update, Enemy Spotted, has introduced some pretty significant visibility improvements and map changes. Specifically, the update addresses known problem spots around various maps. What’s more, the developers have added a new feature, Player Contrast Boost.

Contrast boost

To increase the model readability on every map, the devs designed the Player Contrast Boost option. This “post process filter” creates a “local contrast” around stationary players, making models standout more relative to their background. The feature is on by default, though you can turn it off in the Video settings under “Advanced Video.”

According to the CSGO blog, here are the main details of the Player Contrast Boost.

  • Increases the character’s contrast against the background at far distances.
  • Strengthens edge pixels for characters at far distances.
  • Creates a small blur around a character to reduce background noise.
  • Creates a small contrasting halo around a character when there is no color difference between the character and the environment.

CSGO Boost Player Contrast

Furthermore, the devs have modified textures and reworked fog. In particular, they’ve decreased the fog, which should help models to stand out more at a distance.

CSGO map changes

The devs have also introduced changes to six popular maps — Overpass, Mirage, Inferno, Train, and Cache. The updates address lighting, visibility, and unnecessary visual clutter. Notably, a significant change was made to B doors on Dust 2. The doors are now flipped, which drastically improves CT visibility into the bomb site. A small adjustment like this could make retaking one of the most challenging locations in CSGO much easier.

You can check out the basic details of all these map changes below.


  • Removed ivy models near A site bathrooms
  • Removed bathroom windows near A site
  • Removed bicycle by A long
  • Added lights inside the connector
  • Increased T spawn lighting
  • Added stone trims

Dust 2:

  • Flipped B site doors
  • Improved background when looking into B tunnels
  • Changed fog distance from 1000 to 512 and improved density from .2 to .4
  • Raised windows by A ramp to make players more visible
Dust 2 B doors
New view from CT into B site car and cubby.


  • Removed trash at the top of mid
  • Trimmed plants outside of T aps
  • Improved market window lighting
  • Fixed silent dropdown bug from B site balcony
  • Adjusted angel of the ladder in ladder-room


  • Cleaned up ivy by CT spawn
  • Fixed CSM shadow from the tower in mid


  • Added new train bumper


  • Replaced ladder to sniper’s nest with a box
  • Cleaned up angles
  • Added 1v1 arena
  • Change cargo containers with a new model
  • Improved visibility in T entrance to A-main
  • Fixed wall bang in mid shed
  • Slightly adjusted color
  • Fixed clipping
  • Overall optimizations

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