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Polish CSGO team ARCY has lost yet another player: Jacek “MINISE” Jeziak. Led by the ex-Virtus.pro star Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, ARCY now only has three players on the roster. MINISE is the second player to depart from the organization this month, as Paweł “dycha” Dycha left the team in search of a better future.

MINISE in search of a new start

Polish player MINISE has participated in several CSGO teams apart from ARCY. Some of the more notable of these teams include PRIDE, Kinguin, and devils.one.

In a (Polish) TwitLonger post, MINISE thanked his team for the two years that he’s spent with the roster. He also mentioned that 2019 has been a “mental rollercoaster because of a couple of reasons that translated into my game.” The 25-year-old decided to take a step back, despite admitting that it may be a risky move. Nevertheless, he ends his message with a positive outlook on the next year, saying, “New year, new possibilities. More information in 2020.”

TaZ and co. end 2020 in shambles

TaZ seemed to have an immensely bright future ahead of him when he assembled devils.one at the beginning of the year. Moving away from his Virtus.pro and Kinguin days, devils.one was supposed to be a new beginning for the 33-year-old Pole. Unfortunately, this organization failed to last. After just a few months, the roster switched to Aristocracy due to internal issues. Aristocracy did not last much longer, as the roster separated and formed ARCY after six months of play under the former team.

As things stand, TaZ, Karol “rallen” Rodowicz, and Mikołaj “mouz” Karolewski are now the only players left on the roster. The team thus has two gaps to fill before they can compete in the 2020 CSGO season.

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