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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has shattered player records once more, this time by besting Dota 2‘s all-time high. Valve’s beloved bomb-defusal shooter has seen fantastic numbers throughout the last year. March 2020 saw over 1 million concurrent players, a feat never seen before in the game’s lifetime. Furthermore, at the time, CSGO was averaging just over 700,000 players a day.

CSGO‘s rapid player increase comes at an exciting time. The game saw piqued interest after Valve released it’s latest operation, “Shattered Web.” Additionally, as governments urge the global community to stay home amid the pandemic, more people are taking up gaming as a hobby. As a result, PC gaming giant Steam garnered unprecedented numbers, setting a new all-time user record.

According to Steam Database, the legendary FPS has reached an all-time peak of 1,301,348 concurrent players, a number that surpasses Dota 2‘s peak of 1,295,114. Furthermore, the statistics show CSGO has more than double the amount of current in-game players.

Dota 2 held its record for four years. While other titles have come close, CSGO is the first game to utterly surpass Dota 2‘s longstanding achievement.

The game that never dies

CSGO‘s flourishing player base contradicts what critics foretold. For years, naysayers held staunch that the CSGO community was nearing its inevitable death. With the release of Valorant‘s closed beta, many believed the nail was basically in the coffin. In particular, the perceived similarities between CSGO and Valorant led fans to suggest Riot Games’ new title would overshadow Valve’s FPS. As more players gain access to Riot’s closed beta, however, they’re realizing that CSGO features unique mechanics that will forever separate the two titles.

What’s more, Valve developers are handling game updates in smart ways. Shortly after Valorant‘s closed beta, a series of CSGO updates rolled out, addressing issues the community had urged the developers to fix. It’s astonishing to see CSGO‘s position in gaming remain this strong, and only time will tell what new heights it’ll reach.

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