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During the winter player break for CS:GO, many top tier teams have either gained or released players. While some of these changes have been rumored for a while, others, such as flusha, were more unexpected.  So, let’s break down the CS:GO roster changes team by team.


Following the benching of HEN1 to pursue offers of playing with his brother, the former Triumph AWPer junior is joining Furia. The 20-year-old helped Triumph win the 33rd MDL season and finish second at IEM Bejing North America. It will be interesting to see if Furia switches to English comms or if junior will learn Portuguese. His debut game will also be at Blast Premier Global Final.


Cloud9 is undergoing serious roster changes at the moment. In early December, they parted ways with kassad due to a “stylistic clash” between him and Alex, according to the GM of the team, HenryG. Now, woxic is also benched on the team, ending a short three-month time on the active roster. In a report from RushB Media, Cloud9 is looking to acquire Xeppaa, formerly of Chaos. Also, in a report from RushB Media, Gen.G coach Elmapuddy is in talks to join Cloud9 following Gen.G’s decision to place their entire team up for transfer. Following a tweet from HenryG, it seems like both deals have gone through. Cloud9 has plenty of time to practice before their roster’s debut in the IEM Katowice Play-In, which might be the first CS:GO LAN since last year.


The legend from Brazil, FalleN, is taking on the role of AWPer and in-game leader at Team Liquid. He is replacing Twistzz, who left to pursue other opportunities following the loss in their final tournament of the year to Astralis. Before joining liquid, FalleN was a member of MIBR, Luminosity, and SK, all Brazillian teams. The two-time major winner has been on Brazillian teams his entire career, and Liquid is his first NA endeavor. It will be interesting to see what FalleN brings to the table and how well Liquid does. FalleN’s debut match will be against Natus Vincere at Blast Premier Global Final on January 20.

fallen joins liquid



MIBR currently has no roster after letting go of all of their players. First, Lucas1, vsm, leo_drk, and coach cogu left. According to Lucas1, the three new MIBR players had only been signed to a three-month contract following FalleN, fer, and Taco’s departure, and negotiations fell through for a contract renewal. Next, kNgV stepped down, and finally, trk benched himself. Now, all four players of the former roster look to stay together and acquire Hen1, according to trk. MIBR has announced that they will announce their new roster on January 15.

MIBR CS:GO roster changes