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After the end of BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles and Good Game League in Poznań, Poland, the CSGO global ranking by HLTV has seen some changes. The changes aren’t as interesting in the top 10 as they are in the last 10 teams closing the ranking. Virtus.pro and Cloud9 have come back into the global ranking at long last.

#20: Cloud9 climb a massive 281 places

Things haven’t been going Cloud9’s way since their victory at the Boston Major in March last year. Jake “Stewie2K” Yip departed, and so did their proficient AWPer, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham. The team had many players come and go over the past year. Even Robin “flusha” Rönnquist made an unexpected appearance for a while!

CSGO ranking changes: Virtus.pro and Cloud9 return to top 30

Despite that, the new squad with the young Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, Damian “daps” Steele, Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas, Kenneth “koosta” Suen and  Timothy “autimatic” Ta showed some promise at the latest BLAST at Los Angeles. The Americans defeated FaZe and drew with NRG and MIBR to qualify for the playoffs against Team Liquid. Naturally, that was all she wrote as Liquid are simply too strong for anyone at the moment. Nevertheless, this new Cloud9 squad shows promise. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more and more respectable play from this rebuilt Cloud9 roster.

#30: Virtus.pro are back (barely)

CSGO ranking changes: Virtus.pro and Cloud9 return to top 30

Virtus.pro had the opportunity to play at Good Game League on home territory following the x-kom and AGO merger. The Polish side got to the semi-final where they lost against Tricked, and many thought it was a lost opportunity to show some teeth in the final against G2.

Polish fans are hopeful that the legendary Virtus.pro will still be back. This could be seen from the stadium where the tournament was held as fans would frequently chant “Virtus.pro”, even after the G2 versus Tricked final.

Is Virtus.pro gaining its form back? We’ll have to wait and see. However, being unable to overcome a team such as Tricked does not put the former Polish giants even remotely close to the incredible runs they had back in the day with Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski, or the current FaZe in-game leader, Filip “neo” Kubski.

Other mentions

Following their victory at BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles without dropping a single map, Team Liquid solidifies its position even further at the #1 spot. We are entering (or even have already entered) an era of Team Liquid.

Tricked climb up three spots to #19 after a respectable showing at Good Game League but falling short to overcome G2 in the grand finale. They did, as mentioned before, defeat Virtus.pro in the semi-final.

BIG fall all the way to #27. Despite signing Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş earlier this year, the squad failed to find its drive throughout the year. With them being called one of the most talented European riflers by many, everyone thought that BIG would become even bigger after XANTARES joins up with the squad. This, however, has not happened, and their form is sloppy to say the least.

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