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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) developer Ido Magal has confirmed popular pen tester 2eggs was banned for cheating in CSGO. Over the last two years, 2eggs had amassed notable popularity on Twitter. However, on May 2 the cheating community began firing shots at 2eggs.

Content creator NoobDoggy, known for producing videos featuring cheats, called him out. He stated that 2eggs’ “vigilante” efforts against hackers were a facade. Furthermore, he accused 2eggs of cheating in CSGO and says he’s a fraud who’s development work is a framework of someone else’s.

Shortly after, 2eggs received a VAC ban on his Steam account. For those unaware, there are two types of bans a person can receive on Steam — a VAC ban and a game ban. A CSGO VAC ban is the more severe and means the user was convicted of using malicious software in the game, i.e, wallhack, aimbot, etc.

Of course, 2eggs denied the allegations. He countered his accusers by insisting there was a mistake, and that he was actually issued a game ban. To further support his claims, he posted screenshots of an e-mail from Ido Magal. In the e-mail, Magal supposedly explains to 2eggs the reason behind his ban was due to 2eggs running a “debugger.”

2eggs email from csgo developer.

The truth comes to light

The next day Ido Magal exposed 2eggs of altering the image and posted a real screenshot of their interaction. In the email, Magal clearly states the VAC ban “was correctly applied.” Additionally, he pokes holes in 2eggs’ defense, saying the developer would never share ban details with a player.

Shortly after that, 2eggs deleted all of his social media accounts. After a few hours of silence, he released a statement on his Steam profile addressing the situation. In short,  2eggs apologizes to the community and says he doesn’t see himself coming back into CSGO.

2eggs steam profile screenshot

2eggs’ future within CSGO is unclear. Some condemn him for cheating and say he was a fraud, yet there are those who knew him personally who say his actions do not reflect his true character. Only time will tell if he will ever return to the community.

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