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After a quite a while of no updates for the CSGO battle royale mode, Danger Zone, CSGO players finally received something. That something may be seen by some players as useless, while others may respond to it positively. After a lobby exploit that let others essentially inject cheats into their gameplay experience, Valve has shut down lobbies temporarily. This led to Valve not only fixing the problem in CSGO but also adding a fresh new map, Sirocco, into the Danger Zone battle royale mode. Old fans of Counter-Strike will also be pleased to see the return of the infamous Ballistic Shield, alongside other perks.

Sirocco: Welcome to the desert

Sirocco is your typical Arabic-esque map that may very well be set in a Middle Eastern nation. With lots of open sandy spaces and areas filled with casbahs and underground passages, this map mixes the best of both stealth and open combat worlds.

CSGO Danger Zone update introduces Sirocco map, perks like the Ballistic Shield

The map could be seen as a blend of Dust2 and Mirage because of the architecture and environment.

The first Danger Zone map, Blacksite, has been temporarily removed from play; therefore, players can only play on Sirocco as things stand now.

Perks, perks, perks!

Alongside Sirocco, the update introduces a new feature, perks. When selecting where to drop on the map, everyone gets to choose a starting perk.

CS:GO Danger Zone update Sirocco Ballistic Shield perks

As for now only four perks are available, ExoJump, parachute, health shot, and taser (Zeus). But more will be unlocked. This includes the Ballistic Shield, which is just named Shield in this mode. The Ballistic Shield (or Riot Shield) was purchasable equipment on ct-side in older Counter-Strike games like 1.6. It was a fun piece of equipment to have but extremely annoying, and it was thus not allowed in competitive play.

Other updates

As well as fixing the lobby exploit, some other updates have been added to Danger Zone. Here are the official patch notes:

– Updated Danger Zone with a new map, new items, respawning, and more. For full details visit https://www.counter-strike.net/sirocco
– ExoJump Boots are now available. Hold the jump key for a high jump or crouch before jumping for a long jump.
– Bump Mines are now available. Toss one on the ground to send yourself (or an opponent) flying.
– The remaining new items and upgrades will be unlocked in future updates – check back and see what’s new!
– Blacksite is temporarily unavailable in official matchmaking.
– Your teammate will now appear wearing a blue uniform.
– A player pinging system has been added, bound to Mouse 3 by default (command “player_ping”)
– A radial weapon select menu has been added to allow quick visual selection of weapons/items. This menu is customizable by editing the radial_quickinventory.txt file. (command “+quickinv”)

[ MISC ]
– Fixed a lobby exploit

What do you think of the fresh update for Danger Zone in CSGO? Do you think it’s necessary for Valve to keep updating this game mode or should they focus more on core gameplay? Let us know down in the comments below and remember to follow us for the newest news in the esports world!

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