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The insanely popular battle royale trend has finally reached Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Named Danger Zone, CSGO devs have implemented their very own take on the popular genre.

While the general idea remains the same, there are some differences in CSGO‘s iteration of the genre. For starters, there are only up to 18 players on the map which is named Blacksite. This means that games are fairly short, usually anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes. Another major difference is the implementation of drones. From the get-go, players are able to order packages via a tablet that are delivered by drones. This is probably one of the most unique features in Danger Zone as players can compensate for lack of equipment, weapons, and utility by simply buying them.

Every battle royale differs in some aspect in terms of strategies that may potentially give that winning edge over one’s opponents. It is no different in Danger Zone. Below are various tips and tricks that are not so obvious from the beginning and can lead to a smoother and faster victory.

Tip #1: Scout your territory beforehand

After locking in your drop zone, you are transported and let down very slowly on a rope from a helicopter. This gives you the perfect opportunity to scout the surrounding in which you are going to land in. Looking around not only for enemy players but also for all sorts of crates (especially red ones that drop guns) should be your top priority. This will give you an objective after you land. Instead of running around like a headless chicken and potentially failing to find any loot whatsoever, make sure you find at least something to run towards.

Tip #2: Let go of the rope before your enemies

This tip should be paired with the one before. Imagine you have an enemy player dropping fairly close to you and let’s say that he is able to see that precious red pistol crate as well – how do you get there faster? Well, by holding “E” by default, you may let go of the helicopter rope before reaching the ground. This may be very helpful in situations where many players are dropping around you and you need those extra couple of seconds. Be careful though, as fall damage is very much present even in Danger Zone so make sure you time your decision to drop right.

Tip #3: Save ammo and assault the turrets

Danger Zone implemented randomly spawning automated turrets on Blacksite. Despite being extremely annoying, each turret guards a precious ammunition crate that can be easily accessed after destroying the dreaded machine. Now you may think that punching a turret is an outrageous and suicidal idea. However, the nature of how those machines work is pretty peculiar. When a player starts to punch a turret, it gets stuck and turns away from the puncher. While it certainly takes a while to destroy it in the act of hand-to-hand combat, it may be worthwhile as you are going to save a ton of ammunition and then get even more. But firstly, make sure that there are no opponents in the area or you are going to get caught off guard rapidly.

Tip #4: Embrace your inner boxer

A situation may arise in which you are going to be left gunless. Adding to this, a dangerous predator with a pistol, or worse yet, an SMG may be coming your way. In such a situation it is advisable to run away, however, if you see no way of running away you may resort to a more extreme option. While disarmed, players are equipped with a jab (left mouse click) and a cross (right mouse click). The cross, a more powerful punch, may be used to knock a gun out of your opponent’s hands. Therefore, if you know that someone may be chasing you, you may camp behind a doorway and then get the jump on your enemy and attempt to disarm them and try to get it for yourself. Risky? Yes. But if done right, it may be an effective way of getting out alive from a desperate situation.

Tip #5: Get the first drone upgrade

Drones are an integral part of Danger Zone and everyone does (or at least should) use their services. However, drones can also be an excellent way of stalking your prey. For a mere $1000, you’ll be able to not only speed up your drones’ delivery time but also see all of the drones flying up in the sky at the moment.  This gives you an opportunity to directly pinpoint where your enemy is hiding in the yellow hexagon. The blue drone is your own delivery incoming, while the grey ones are drones of your enemies. This can be especially useful towards the endgame as you can track your enemy inside the same square and get the jump on them.

Tip #6: Explore and get rich

You can easily get extra cash through exploration. Exploring your surroundings and moving to other hexagons gives you some cash boost and it sometimes pops up in your personal tablet. It is also shown by the green marker on the left next to how much money you currently have. Definitely something to keep in mind if you’re one of those pesky campers that stays in the zone in a house just to get that one last kill to win the game.

Bonus tip: Refrain from throwing stuff at drones

When holding a hammer or wrench, you are able to throw it using the right mouse button. Unfortunately, as of right now, it’s impossible to break crates which drones are carrying. The hammer would just fly through the crate like thin air. Trust me, I’ve tried it multiple times to no avail.

What are some of your own tips on how to play the new battle royale mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Let us know in the comments below! And as always remember to follow us at Daily Esports for your daily dose of fresh information on major esports scenes.

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