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With a new update only for players in France, Valve has changed how cases work in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). This update allows players to look inside loot boxes before opening. Many speculate this is most likely in place to bypass a new law regulating loot boxes in France.

Loot boxes alternative

CS:GO players in France will now have restrictions placed on them because of their country’s laws. Instead of opening the loot boxes like normal with a case and a key, players will have to use a special tool. The X-ray scanner allows users to reveal the cosmetic item inside of any skin container. There isn’t an item-spinning animation like a slot machine anymore and players don’t have to buy a key beforehand.

Once players use the X-ray scanner to scan a skin container and reveal the item inside, they have to claim it before scanning another container. One reason for this restriction is to prevent players from abusing the tool. They could potentially scan cases and then sell off the cases that don’t have good skins. However, this will also force players to purchase the skin even if it isn’t worth it. In the video shown above, the content creator is required to shell out the price of a key for a 3 cent skin so that he can continue to scan other loot boxes. 

French CSGO restrictions

Another rule applied to players in the France region is they cannot buy skin containers anymore on the Steam Community Market. However, if they get a container as a drop in-game, one can still sell it. Some easily thought of bypasses to this rule include trading other players. 

Players in other regions can try out this update by changing their Steam region to France and opening CSGO. However, players from countries like the Netherlands and Belgium do not yet have the option to scan their cases. Because of laws also banning loot boxes, players from those regions simply cannot open any skin containers.

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