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Following a big update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) that introduced a retro Dust 2 and a controversial AUG nerf, Valve has also announced a 20th Anniversary Workshop Event, which will bring a new Weapon Case and Sticker Capsule in the future.

Workshop creators will have the chance to get their weapon finishes as well as stickers featured in a special Weapon Case or Sticker Capsule that will be released most likely this year.

If you’re a workshop skin or sticker artist, make sure to add the tag “CS20” in your submission so that it is eligible for consideration. Valve has also stated that all submissions, even if not included in this particular case or capsule, will be considered for future releases.

The workshop event ends on Sept. 19. So, if you know your way around skin or sticker creation, you’ve got some time to think of a worthy design. Artists should keep in mind that the skins and stickers are to commemorate the 20th anniversary of CSGO. Therefore, the skins will most likely have to reflect the anniversary somehow.

There are already some designs that have caught my eye personally. Below are some examples that I think may be considered of making the cut into the capsule or case.

Chicken Army – AUG (by 11it)

Chicken Army skin | CSGO 20th Anniversary Workshop Event brings capsule, Weapon Case

Given the popularity of the dreaded chickens roaming on certain maps in CSGO, I have no doubt something of such sort will make the cut. 11it also implemented the same design on some other weapons such as an M4.

Classic Vibe- Desert Eagle ( by HEXETH)

Classic Vibe | CSGO 20th Anniversary Workshop Event brings capsule, Weapon Case

This extremely clean design by HEXETH brings some old-school memories when looked at. It’s not over the top, and it’s not very plain either. A clean skin such as this, in my opinion, has a high chance of being in the future crate.

Flasher (by SLIMEface) 

Flasher | CSGO 20th Anniversary Workshop Event brings capsule, Weapon Case

A sticker that shows off how good you are with flashes? Why not? Since flash assists are now a thing in CSGO, and you can check how many enemies a player has flashed throughout a game, a sticker like this may very well be included.

Naturally, there are not that many submissions yet. However, by September, I’m sure that whoever is in charge of picking a few designs will have their hands full.

If you’re an artist, get going and good luck to you!

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