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Another big signing has completed in the league, with one of the best flex supports available. The Houston Outlaws have signed Canadian flex support William “Crimzo” Hernandez, formerly of the Dallas Fuel. With this signing, Houston fills their flex support spot up, despite still needing more players for the complete roster. As Crimzo has evolved from contenders to the league, his skill has only grown and the Outlaws noticed that in their pickup.

Crimzo’s path to pro

To start, Crimzo has been part of the Dallas Fuel’s organization since early in his contenders career. He started out playing for EnVision Esports, a Canadian team in North American Contenders. After a good performance, Team Envy picked up the roster when it disbanded. Of course, Team Envy is owned by EnVyUs, an old organization that started in the Call of Duty days. Those same owners ended up buying the spot for the Dallas Fuel, and Team Envy was their academy team. Crimzo played flex support on that team for a full year, from late 2018 to 2019. Just after that, Dallas promoted Crimzo to the Fuel.

Crimzo, going on stage for the Dallas Fuel.

While the Fuel didn’t play amazingly that season, Crimzo did show that he deserved to play in the league. After the season ended and the pandemic made a lot of teams release players, free agency was a festival. Crimzo thus became available. Houston saw an opportunity and jumped on it.

The Outlaws’ rebuild

It’s fair to say that the Outlaws needed a change. For the past three seasons, the Outlaws were at best a mid-table team. Besides re-signing Dante “Danteh” Cruz, the Outlaws have been quiet this off-season. That clearly is changing with this signing. That makes sense, as they still have many slots to fill within their roster. Either way, Crimzo is the best flex support left with Overwatch League experience. He should fit in nicely in the new Outlaws team, and hopefully will finally be able to show off on a good Overwatch League team.