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Valve has released a new blog post regarding the Crimson Witness Treasures that fans usually get for attending The International events. The Crimson Witness Treasure typically has a chance to drop every time a viewer witnesses the first blood kill in a match, this time at TI10.

How to get the Crimson Witness Treasure at The International 10

While The International 10 was set to go ahead as an in-person event, Valve revealed two weeks ago that they would be refunding tickets to all fans. The event had to cancel in-person attendance due to rising COVID-19 numbers. This meant that fans who planned to attend the event can now no longer do so, and every viewer will have to watch The International 10 from the comfort of their own home.

While fans cannot be at the event, Valve has tried to make it up to them by allowing Crimson Witness drops for all ticket holders. If a viewer has bought a ticket to TI10, they will need to register on the Crimson Witness sign-up page in order for a chance to get the Crimson Witness Treasure drop. Players will be required to sign in to their Steam account that is registered with the ticket purchase. Once that’s done, viewers can watch games in the DOTA 2 client for a chance to get Crimson Witness Treasure drops.

Keep in mind that if one email bought multiple tickets, the Crimson Witness Weapons drop will only work with the registered email. This means that if someone bought a friend a second ticket, only the email account holder will be eligible for the Crimson Witness Treasure drop.

Crimson Witness treausre International 10
Treasures of the Crimson Witness 2021 available to TI10 ticket holders. Provided by Valve

We’ve included a graphic of the items that TI10 viewers can get from the Crimson Witness Treasure. They feature Crimson versions of immortals that have been released before. The Treasures feature items for Mars, Beastmaster, Enchantress, Phantom Assassin and Shadow Shaman.