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Call of Duty: Warzone features a ton of new mechanics that has fans everywhere excited to hop on and play. Although, one of the most appreciated new features is the addition of the Gulag 1v1 arena. This is one of a few ways to respawn once you’ve been eliminated by an enemy.

Essentially, the first time you die, you’re transported to a prison where you need to 1v1 an enemy to win your way back into the Warzone match. While the majority of the action takes place in the arena, one fan recently showed how spectators can play a big part in deciding the winner.

Spectators in the Warzone Gulag can be useful

Once you’re sent to the Gulag, you might have to wait your turn to get into the arena. If this happens to you, you’ll be allowed to watch ongoing fights from the second-floor balcony. This is particularly useful if your teammate is in the arena, as you can call out where the enemy is.

However, aside from just watching, spectators can pick up rocks to throw into the pit. These don’t cause physical damage to either player in the Gulag, but are a fun way to rattle the fighters. While the rocks can’t hurt the players, they can still be used quite effectively, as one Redditor shows.

Killed someone in the Gulag by throwing a rock at their claymore.
byu/CJLito inCODWarzone

As the clip demonstrates, rocks can act as throwable pieces of equipment. One player in the Gulag sets down a claymore, which the player in the clip tries to hit with a rock. He misses the first attempt but on the second try, the rock makes contact and blows one player up. This wins the fight for the other player who didn’t have to do anything.

Of course, this action doesn’t mean the rock-thrower is allowed to respawn. That opportunity still goes to the winner of the Gulag fight. Though, this can be an invaluable piece of information if you’re spectating one of your teammates.

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