Crazy clip shows just how overpowered the DMR 14 is in Warzone
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Crazy clip shows just how overpowered the DMR 14 is in Warzone

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The DMR 14 tactical rifle was introduced into Call of Duty: Warzone during the Black Ops Cold War integration. A subpar rifle in the newest game of the series, the DMR wasn’t at the top of people’s lists when thinking about what weapon to use in Warzone. However, once players discovered just how strong it is, the battle royale has been renamed to “DMRZone.” The sheer number of players using the weapon is truly staggering and it’s not difficult to see why. The DMR is extremely overpowered and the best weapon to use. Although, a few people thought it was good enough to two-tap an enemy at nearly 300 meters, which is what a recent viral clip showcases.

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The DMR 14 shows off its strength in recent Warzone clip

Players have been calling for a nerf to the tactical rifle since Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War began. There’s no reason a weapon as strong as the DMR should not be nerfed in some capacity. It completely throws the meta into chaos and each match of Warzone becomes a battle of the same weapon.

However, the developers are seemingly reluctant or simply haven’t had time to nerf the DMR. Perhaps the holiday break interfered with releasing a weapon balancing patch, which is understandable. Although, as long as the DMR is left untouched, clips like the one below will continue to pop up.

Coming from Reddit user armadildodick, this is one of the crazier clips seen in Warzone. The player, using the DMR, sees an enemy on a building nearly 300 meters away. As most players would do, the player takes a few shots to see if they can do any damage. However, little did the player expect that it would take only two shots from the DMR to eliminate the enemy.

It sometimes takes multiple sniper rifle shots to kill an enemy from that far away. The fact that a tactical rifle can pull off the same feat as a sniper shows how broken the weapon is in Warzone.

Hopefully, now that the holidays are over, the developers can release a patch nerfing the DMR. If not, the community just might rise up and revolt.

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