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Ever since the Kings Canyon map was reintroduced into the rotation back in Apex Legends Season 4, players have complained about the loot. At times, it seems like there are only common weapons or armor and nothing but pistols on the ground or in chests. Of course, if you look hard enough, you’ll eventually stumble upon an R-99 or some blue armor. However, this searching process can sometimes take upwards of five to ten minutes of straight looting. The issue at hand was recently demonstrated perfectly by a user on the Apex Legends subreddit.

Kings Canyon loot is still bad in Apex Legends

Despite Respawn Entertainment buffing the loot pool on both the World’s Edge and Kings Canyons maps, it’s apparent that more work needs to be done. World’s Edge hasn’t displayed the volume of issues that Kings Canyon has, however.

More often than not, when you land at a named location in Kings Canyon, you’ll be stuck with a pistol or sniper for the first couple of minutes. It seems like it takes minutes of searching to find something suitable for your loadout. Whether it’s an assault rifle, submachine gun, or shotgun, it’s rare to find what you want at the start of a match.

Speaking of the start of matches, a recent clip went viral on the Apex Legends subreddit. The video is both hilarious and frustrating as it shows what looting can be like on Kings Canyon.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mozambique here! from apexlegends

Obviously, this doesn’t happen very often. Although, it does feel like Mozambiques are far more common than any other weapon or item in Apex Legends. World’s Edge has this dilemma as well, but on Kings Canyon, the issue is amplified. Reports come in every day of players dying soon after landing because they couldn’t find a single weapon.

Season 6 of Apex Legends releases on August 18, so hopefully, Respawn can perhaps address this problem. That’s assuming Kings Canyon will stay in the map rotation, as a new map could arrive with the latest season.

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