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Riot Games has introduced the new Coven skins for some of the most popular League of Legends champions. For patch 10.8, Morgana, Zyra, and Leblanc will be a part of this skin line along with Camille and Lissandra. The witchy aesthetics and dark atmosphere these skins have are more than just an enchanting look. Take a look at these transformative skins.

Dark and rich witch hues

In these new skins, players can experience their favorite champs in red, purple, and black hues. Each skin comes with impressive animations that make the overall champion seem more intimidating than usual. Aside from the witch aesthetics, there are some hints of flowery effects that add to the feminine yet dark look. Additionally, Coven Morgana and Leblanc come with their own chroma and summoner icon.

Coven LeBlanc

Paired with a fashionable red and gray outfit, Leblanc shows off some tattered gray wings. She shows off dark purple horns on her head along with her long blond hair. With this skin, players get new visual and sound effects as well as a new recall animation. As for her abilities, Leblanc’s mirror image is a dark purple figure that disappears into a group of flying bats. Overall, players should expect to have fun with her bright red-and-gold attacks. This skin will be available for 1350 RP.

Coven Morgana

Morgana’s new skin is covered in bright red and purple hues, and it channels all of her previous skins into one. The coven line brings out her abilities in never-before-seen ways before, adding roses to her abilities, while releasing a red beam of light for her Dark Binding. Additionally, this skin will give Morgana an entirely new voice-over. This is a legendary skin and will be available for 1820 RP.

Coven and Prestige edition Zyra

This new skin is the only one that’s different from the rest. It features Zyra dressed in all blue hues, with dark blue wings as accessories. The Prestige edition is almost the complete opposite, with gold and blush-pink overtones. This skin will also come with new visual and sound effects, but no new voice-over. Coven Zyra will be available for 1350 RP. There are no additional details for the Prestige edition yet. Players should expect to see these skins release for patch 10.8 around mid-April. Until then, they will be pre-released on PBE.

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