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Fortnite streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop revealed he will be a brand ambassador for the endurance drink MTN DEW Amp Game Fuel.

The drink made by PepsiCo has become a popular energy drink among gamers. Hence, its popularity will increase due to the 100 Thieves member beginning to promote the drink. Predominantly, this will be done on his YouTube streams, as well as on social media. This deal with PepsiCo comes alongside further sponsorships CouRage has, such as with NZXT. Also, this widens the market of Pepsi’s beverage beyond its League partners such as the Call of Duty League and team partner Counter Logic Gaming.

The drink designed specifically for gamers could benefit the Fortnite scene as well, considering it has a total of 250 million players looking for an edge.

The announcement was made on Twitter through a trailer starring CouRage. The message shows the positive effect that MTN DEW Amp Game Fuel had on him and his ability to stream. Upon making the announcement, the gaming personality outlined the importance of maintaining energy levels when entertaining his viewers.

The purpose of MTN DEW Amp Game Fuel is to increase accuracy and alertness. It is available in various flavors such as Cherry Blast and Orange Storm. However, the deal with CouRage has seen the launch of a new Zero-Sugar and Zero-Caffeine range, available in flavors Watermelon Shock and Raspberry Lemonade. Although there are significant changes, the effect of the drink will remain the same. The new flavors will remain in the same-sized no-slip can and the unique lid that can be re-sealed. The energy drink branded by the slogan of “victory in a can” has launched its new range and will be available to the public for purchase.

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