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Counter Logic Gaming has announced they are parting way with their Mid Laner, Lee “Crown” Min-ho. This decision may not come as a surprise, as Crown has not been performing his best since the start of the LCS season.

This sudden permanent change in CLG’s roster may impact the way the team performs for the rest of the Spring Split. Recently, Eugene “Pobelter” Park had replaced Crown in the mid lane. Following the switch in players, the team has celebrated their 2nd victory since the start of the season. Although they currently sit in the bottom of the standings, things are looking somewhat optimistic. Unfortunately, the team didn’t find much success while playing alongside Crown.

Lack of good results

Because of the lack of performance and results, CLG has cut Crown out of the picture. In a Twitter post, they said their farewells to the South Korean player and officially replaced him with Pobelter. Many fans responded with no surprise, with some stating the lack of synergy and poor coaching added to the problem. Others mentioned that the language barrier may have also contributed to his poor performance.

Crown’s history of achievements

The first six weeks of the LCS Spring Split have been rough for CLG. Though their 2-10 score may not be ideal, the blame doesn’t completely fall on Crown. Previously, the LCK named him MVP of the 2017 LCK Spring season. Notably, he had also been a part of Samsung Galaxy’s 2017 World Championship victory. After his days in the Korean league, Crown tried his luck in the LCS. He moved on to play for OpTic Gaming, being named MVP for the 2019 Summer Split Week 2.

CLG picked him up in November 2019, and he has worked with them ever since. He has a history of being a hard worker with great results, and his performance with CLG doesn’t entirely reflect his previous success.

CLG for the rest of the Spring Split

CLG is preparing for their next match against Team Liquid. Their recent loss against Immortals is a reminder they are still struggling, though. In the meantime, CLG wishes Crown all the best in all of his future endeavors. He has yet to release a public response regarding the roster decision.