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Call of Duty has made it a trend in recent years to introduce melee weapons in its mainstream titles. This began in Black Ops 3 with the supply drops and made its way to last year’s Black Ops 4. While we haven’t seen any in Modern Warfare yet, it’s a good bet that some kind of melee weapon is coming. However, this doesn’t include Call of Duty: Warzone, the new battle royale from Activision. Up until now, we hadn’t heard of any plans to introduce a weapon of this nature. Even so, a glitch found by a YouTuber could hint at melee weapons arriving soon.

Melee weapons in Warzone?

It’s not a big leap to assume that Activision would release some kind of melee weapon. It’s been doing so for years in the series’ main games and even introduced some in Blackout last year. While that was a Treyarch title, Infinity Ward has the capability to do the same in Warzone.

There was really no talk of this possibility until yesterday, however. That’s when popular Call of Duty YouTuber PrestigeIsKey discovered a weird glitch that started the curiosity. He was simply looting a body when he happened upon a strange-looking weapon – namely, an Axe.

It’s pretty clear the Axe is rendered fully, meaning it’s within the code of Warzone somewhere. No one’s sure about what caused the Axe to spawn, but it was likely a glitch with another weapon. Of course, this could just be a simple glitch with no meaning behind it. But it could be also a clue as to Infinity Ward’s future content plans.

For now, there’s no supporting data or leaks to substantiate either claim. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if this Axe melee weapon made its way into Warzone sometime in the future.

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