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Despite Sledgehammer Games releasing an update to fix Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Control mode, the game mode is still broken in numerous ways.

Since the game’s release, Sledgehammer intended for Control to be the third game mode for the Call of Duty League, but they didn’t introduce it until December. But even then, broken spawns and other bugs made it unplayable. As a result, Sledgehammer Games made fixing the mode a priority so the Call of Duty: League could use it for competitive matches, like in the upcoming CDL Kickoff Classic.

The update to fix Control mainly focused on the spawns. Professional players showed how twisted the spawns were multiple times throughout December, resulting in them not even trying to scrimmage with Control. After the update, though, pros have once again tried to scrim Control matches. This has only led to them finding more bugs that could make the Kickoff Classic more comedic than anything.

Control faces more issues in Vanguard

New York Subliners player James “Clayster” Eubanks recently showcased a glitch with Control that simply gave an attacking team the round win for doing nothing. The attacking team only secured a couple of kills before the game ended the round and gave them the win.

That’s not the only issue with the game mode, however. Atlanta FaZe player Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson has been one of the most vocal players when it comes to speaking out against problems in Vanguard. He and FaZe recently discovered that Control on Berlin yields a huge advantage to the attacking team.

Being able to get every player onto the A Control site before the defending team can get there defeats the entire purpose of the game mode. There’s supposed to be some strategy as to how to maneuver into the Control site and eliminate the defense. However, if every attacking player can get into the site before the defenders, then it eliminates most of the strategy.

Sledgehammer Games hasn’t addressed any plans to fix these problems with Control before the CDL Kickoff Classic, which begins on Jan. 21. This means the event could be a showcase for how broken it remains in Vanguard. The CDL also hasn’t announced if Control will still be played in its current state.

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