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Shortly after rumors of him leaving the team, Marcelo “coldzera” David has confirmed through a statement that he will indeed part with MIBR. Coldzera attributed this leave to both him feeling demotivated and the stress that comes with defeats. The MIBR team has tried new rosters, players on different positions, and other strategies. However, the team has still not done well at recent major tournaments like the Intel Extreme Masters tournaments.

Coldzera leaving

This news comes a few days after the Counter Strike: Global Offensive two-time MVP winner was rumored to have requested to be benched. Posts also appeared on related social media platforms showing that coldzera wasn’t happy with his current situation on MIBR. One player of the MIBR roster, Epitácio “TACO” de Melo, said on Twitter that the Brazilian esports organization had hired a psychologist to help resolve this issue.

Coldzera mentions that the decision to leave the team is 100% his. The topic came up at one of the team’s meetings on whether any of the players would like to leave. He also expresses the fact that he feels the “team doesn’t know how to use [him]”. His decision to leave had been floating in his mind for over a year. However, he wanted to give it another try, so he stayed on. While coldzera agreed to play for the team during any future tournaments, the MIBR roster agreed on filling his position with former coach Wilton “zews” Prado.

FaZe Clan rumors

“Many will question and criticize me for believing that I’m ‘quitting on them’, but there is a negotiation and legal matters behind everything, and, in this break, I’ll have a longer time to not be still,” wrote coldzera when discussing this incident. “After the Major, there are always some shuffles, which would open more opportunities for me. If I had decided to leave on a short notice, I could’ve missed the whole year because my buyout is too expensive.”

He goes on to mention that his transfer will take a few months because of his contract’s high buyout cost. According to Roque Marques, coldzera’s buyout amount sits reportedly upwards of $2 million USD. Coldzera plans on going to Europe by himself and reviewing the offers he has received so far. Recent reports also proposed the thought of FaZe Clan signing the player.

MIBR play their next match at BLAST Pro Series in Los Angeles. Where do you think coldzera will go next? Keep up with all of the latest CS:GO news and content here at Daily Esports.

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